So, if almost all of Europe is suffering a huge drought... and even China is having big rivers running dry...

Where the fuck is all that water going? :P

And whoever is hogging it, please share?

@trinsec Sorry man, I had food poisoning recently (true story), and I'm pretty sure all the flushing has caused at least part of this 😱

@johnabs I think you need to put a shitton (maybe pun intended) of bricks in your toilet's water reservoir. :P


@trinsec No, I was just on the toilet for that long 😭

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Next time use the eco friendly option - a bucket - and bring it to your local sewage plant.


@barefootstache @johnabs @trinsec

When the ice caps melt, that’ll fill the reservoirs back up.

The Earth knows how to heal.

@trinsec @Pat @barefootstache They did feel like they were on fire, and melting ice is an excellent way to cool things down...

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