In case anyone is curious about a sneak peek for whats next on QOTO, I am currently setting up a Matrix chat server with full bridging (so not only can you join chats on other matrix servers but you can also join them on other protocols like IRC and XMPP)... I will also most likely create a seperate XMPP server for those who want it.


@freemo I don't quite know why, but the matrix server isn't working with the Syphon client - going by the errors, I'd guess the server is sending HTML content somewhere that Syphon doesn't expect it.

Seems to be working once I switched to Element though


FormatException: Unexpected character (at character 1)<!DOCTYPE html>^

@freemo I can’t get the markdown to work. There’s supposed to be a line break after the close paren and the close angle bracket

@khird FTI I think a line brake in markdown requires two sequential line brakes in the raw MD itself.


@freemo Thanks, I’ll try to remember that.

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