In case anyone is curious about a sneak peek for whats next on QOTO, I am currently setting up a Matrix chat server with full bridging (so not only can you join chats on other matrix servers but you can also join them on other protocols like IRC and XMPP)... I will also most likely create a seperate XMPP server for those who want it.


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@freemo I don't quite know why, but the matrix server isn't working with the Syphon client - going by the errors, I'd guess the server is sending HTML content somewhere that Syphon doesn't expect it.

Seems to be working once I switched to Element though


FormatException: Unexpected character (at character 1)<!DOCTYPE html>^

@freemo I can’t get the markdown to work. There’s supposed to be a line break after the close paren and the close angle bracket

@khird one second going to restart matrix wont fix your problem directly but it is inspired by it.

@khird ok i reset matrix.. anyway yea if you specify the home server as “” it should work… it is trying to ping the mastodon instance. It works on element because i have that set as the default.

@freemo Ahh okay I see. It’s a problem with Syphon.

When I signed up, I used But then it gave my fully qualified username as Syphon (probably incorrectly) proceeded to send future requests to instead. I logged out and back in as and it seems to be working.

@khird That is very strange considering that having a home server url that differs from the federation ID is quite common… my guess is that it specifically is broken when honoring the federation url redirect that is defined through DNS, despite being part of the matrix spec. Absolutely a bug on their part then and likely should be reported.

Strictly speaking your ID is and your home server is (which the system tells clients is serving matrix endpoints).

@freemo Yep I’m going to bring it to their attention this week. It’s still in development so probably just something they don’t yet have a test case for.

@khird It is easily overlooked as the documentation only mentions the DNS method briefly with a link to the spec. Most servers use the .well-known approach to publishing the link.

@khird FTI I think a line brake in markdown requires two sequential line brakes in the raw MD itself.

@khird ok, yea that might be due to you specifying the wrong homeserver

@khird Most likely you specified as the home server rather than

I am going to try changing that setting ont he element I host so it is less confusing.

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