@lapingvino Hi! I saw in your bio:

> I try to remember to tag my post languages appropriately

Could you please let me know how you do this? I see how to set a default language in the settings, but a user asked how to change it on a per-post basis and I didn't know the answer. Thanks!

@khird Under your post box you see a CW thing for Content Warnings and aside that you see an EN for the language. Click that EN and it will enable you to change the language on that post. That's all there is to it!

@kefir Re: yesterday's discussion, does the above solution work for you?


@khird @trinsec no, it's not there. I know it is on some instances, but not on my qoto. Is there's a setting to enable it, maybe?

@kefir @khird
It is in the latest Mastodon release. We likely will have it as soon as we upgrade (ETA unknown).

@kefir I see you're on Tusky, which is in the same family tree as the app I use, so maybe you'll find it in the same place: near the top right corner of the compose screen. As @trinsec said, it'll have to wait until the upgrade to show up in the web client.

@khird @trinsec nothing in Tusky either. I guess my workaround is to go to Preferences -> Other in the web UI and change my Posting language from there. It is set to "Automatically detect language", but I guess I can change that before I post if I want something specific.

How does it detect language, by the way? Does it user browser language, or device language?

@mguhlin @khird @lapingvino
I believe Qoto doesn’t yet run a version of Mastodon that has this language tagging feature. @trinsec mentioned that an update is on the horizon (with ETA unknown as yet) that should make this feature available here.

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