@AgreeableLandscape you get a new iPhone every year.
You can only get excited about it so much...

@barefootstache oh so you want to give them a mascot as a mean of making them all look equal to outsiders?
that's an interesting idea.

@barefootstache @poll @umfrage
How Can I see the full description of the options?
maybe because I'm on mobile...

Anyway, I think that wearing a mascot or being anonymized (is this a word?) can lead to more harsh actions.

It reminds me of an experiment, whereby just giving prison guards sunglasses, they showed much less mercy on the prisoners, and mistreated levels above.
worth the read.

While there's not much room to compare prison guards to moderators at a conference, just this little bit of anonymity will make them act differently. However this may come to be.

Why would moderators need a mascot anyway?
Are they hiding from their actions?

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Would you welcome it if the moderator of a conference was anonymized by wearing a mascot?

Boosts are much appreciated!

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@Nxkoo if you were a cat, what cat would you be?

@timorl I don't think you have to be pessimistic, but more like just prepared for the worst case scenario.
There's a difference.

@tripu I'd go with the second option.
Workplace might change in the future.
And a home that nice to live in is, for me, a better advantage than being close to work/school.

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