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@alaric @pluralistic As an illustration of this point -- I originally created this account int 2018 (I forget the impetus...maybe some scandal with Facebook). At the time, I didn't find much content that interested me, and I wasn't really into micro-blogging anyway, so my account sat idle for a few years. When Musk took over Twitter and drove off many people, I came back to Mastodon and found a lot more activity and have stayed active myself. I've also heard that some big institutions are exploring adding more support for Mastodon- they move slowly by nature, but I am looking forward to when they come fully on board.

ok as long as we get Tom Cruise to service all these ocean recycling plants.

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Can We Fight Climate Change By Giving the Ocean an Antacid? - Oceans naturally recycle carbon dioxide from the atmosphere at a massive scale, re......

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I love 'enshittification' as a word. It could be applied to so many aspects of life in the UK. We're in a terminal decline, watched by laughing toffs from the private boxes of our very own 'Theatre of Nightmares'.

Unless, of course, we begin deshittifying. Starting with the toffs-in-charge.

The #tory 'government'

So, since has decided to change the way servers are listed on their website — showing preference for large servers who do not have a manual review process to join —>

May I ask that you help us spread the word that people can join us at ? :1up: :boost_ok:

We’re an all-inclusive #gaming community and our Local feed is amazing — absolutely the go-to place for all things #Games. Our Mods are top tier.

#VideoGames #TTRPG #Streamer #DnD #GameDev #Twitch

Is ChatGPT just a clever case of the Emperor’s new clothes? Whatever Marcus thinks is worth hearing, in my book.

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Tech Volunteers Rush to Save Turkey’s Earthquake Survivors - Within hours of the disaster, software engineers were rolling out applications to help...

Follow your dreams, but not too closely, you might creep them out

voice cloned Bob Dylan singing chatGPT lyrics over autogenerated music, what fresh hell, what unrealized torture still yet to be unleashed

Waiting for someone to make an artisanal search engine that only indexes manually verified websites written by humans. Farm-to-table organic search results, handmade with 100% certified human creativity, like your grandparents told you about.

For those types interested, I went for a completely no-code solution for where content is king and the client can do their own updates.

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: Completely new site coming soon: from
-test pages on my phone as I drive away from another session with one of the most energising human beings I have ever met.

Nick Craver  
People tell me they're afraid of AI and computers taking over the world but if it helps: I'm really not. For the last few decades since Terminator ...

Life hack: It's really bad for your health to stare at a screen all day. Mix it up by staring at different screens over the course of the day.

If you've noticed being offline a few evenings this week, it was actually under DDOS those nights. When I asked, I was told the best way to help with Mastosoc's scaling and resiliency-under-pressure issues would be to help them fill this open job posting for a devops position with Mastodon gGMBH:

If you know anyone who might be qualified for this position, pass it on!

This is so distressing. Why was this obviously very ill man not transferred to a mental hospital? Disgraceful and wrong that he was kept in prison and took his own life

Taking a pee in zero G. Fascinating interview with space shuttle pilot Terry Wurtz. 🚀🛰

Finally someone else shares my views about The Banshees.

“It's as if someone fed every single cartoonish Irish stereotype into an AI website and said: 'Write a film about Ireland in the 1920s.'”

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