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As it seems the birdsite is pushing yet more folks away, time for another #introduction post!

Hi I'm Kevin, a #puppet #builder by trade and maker of fun online media. I do #livestream builds, run my own shop(s) and love it here on #mastodon. Small sample of my work.

All links in the linktree in my bio, feel free to follow and don't forget to boost other people here! There's no algorithm, just people! #twittermigration

Back when I was working on the board of the CBLDF I got very used to the idea of material for adults being challenged by people who thought comics were for children. The idea of books aimed at children being challenged just because they had positive black characters was unimaginable. The world's changed.

Stalkerware is for losers and scum 

Oh hey, more stalkerware being used for exactly what you'd think.

Incidentally, this was my favourite comment when I announced I was doing an MSc.

The rage it induced powered me through many a tutorial!

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>> spam/scam email::
"I got into your PC and have pictures of you visiting adult sites, pay me money or I send to your friends n family"

<< Me, always financially destitute and paranoid over security::
"I don't even own a webcam on my personal devices..."


An A.I. that reads text/books to children and/or the blind... Wait, didn't something similar in Neal Stephenson's Diamond Age?

Let's stop making cyberpunk/dystopian novels reality...

PinePhone for sale 

PinePhone PostmarketOS edition with a PinePhone keyboard case. The phone screen still has the original screen protector. There are some little scratches on the case. Works fine.

I did not do much with it, so it's time to find an owner who is more deserving.

It's located in Germany and I can ship it with DHL.

Make me an offer maybe. I'll put it on eBay after Easter if no Fediperson wants it.

How Glorious is the Trinity College Library in Dublin. #books and #geometry make this pic a work of #art. Can you imagine the amazing scent of knowledge? 😃 sorry uncredited.

f u cn rd ths, u cn gt a gd jb n cmptr prgrmmng.
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