I'm moving my account to my own instance. I'll try doing the proper account migration procedure, but I'm not sure I can trust this to work completely smoothly, so I'm leaving this post as a more manual redirect. The new account is @timorl.

Thanks @freemo for your hospitality!

My instance will most likely stay very small, but if anyone wanted to join me there just DM me or something.

@timorl @timorl @freemo I am considering setting up an instance — probably something smaller and more scalable than Mastodon — for myself and friends.

If I do go ahead with that, and it will be quite a while before I do, I will still keep my handle here. I'll probably migrate that mstdn.io handle of mine to the new instance instead, because that other place is a bit ... off.

@mathlover @timorl @freemo I ended up using Akkoma, and it was quite a pleasure to set up, so far seems to be working well and the webpage is somewhat faster than qoto was for me.

I also tried Honk, which was pretty great in some ways, but it's definitely single-user focused – which mi~ght have been alright for me, but it also doesn't let you set an avatar and that was unacceptable.

@timorl @freemo @timorl Thanks for the suggestion. I will definitely look into it.
Quick question: does it have Markdown support?

@mathlover Very much so, in a very, uh, strong flavour. I think I can do jumping text even? @freemo @timorl


@timorl @freemo @timorl Awesome!! I might very well set up an instance at some point!

@freemo @timorl @timorl It's definitely something I've considered, and it's likely I will!

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