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-Me da miedo el deporte ese de las espadas.
-No, no, miedo, es miedo.

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Bet you’re all wishing you took the blue pill now.
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Good informative article written by an internal medicine doctor, on the NY Times.

The reality of what happens to a patient which needs ventilation due to severe respiratory illness is not pretty. Sometimes, even if they survive, there are damages to various body parts and systems.

Good to know beforehand, and decide if you want that kind of treatment if needed, and how far should it go.


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Después de pasar toda esta angustia, lo único que nos falta es que la vacuna sea en supositorio.

(visto en WhatsApp)

¿Qué hago? ¿Pongo la lavadora?

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Despite what the media wants you to think, the world has not stopped turning. Covering only one story, despite having more airtime than ever, is a failure of their duties. It is irresponsible and dangerous. Be alert.

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-Doctor, ¿es grave?.
-No, doctor es aguda, si fuese grave se pronunciaría dóctor, como en inglés.

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-José Joaquín, la curiosidad mató al gato.
-No tenemos gato, Conchi.
-Bueeno, pues cambia gato por perro y curiosidad por yo aparcando.

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**Corpses of the elderly found abandoned in Spanish care homes**

"Teams sent to disinfect nursing homes found elderly residents abandoned, and others dead in their beds."


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