@MKarhulahti @PeerCommunityJournal I do love the idea, but this won't really work until this or something similar won't be seriously backed up by universities, research centers and funders who still play the IF game. If someone's career (funding, possibility of promotion, salary, paying the bills...) depend on publishing in traditional journals, they'll be less likely to use something like this.
Unfortunately in many cases that is still the case.

Our first time using @PeerCommunityJournal -- why would anyone pay for-profit publishers when you can get stuff out OA for free? Literally the same peer review, literally the same article.

If you're a researcher and don't know PCI yet, check them. This is the future.


Hey there! 👋🏽

I'm a biomedical engineer and informaticist curious about all intersections of data and society 💡

I work in #Philly at the Penn Urban Health Lab on #RSpatial projects centering urban nature, racial justice, and health equity 🌱

I'm also an #RStats educator passionate about #DataLiteracy and #FOSS as tools to build power in communities ✊🏽

You can learn more about me at silviacanelon.com, and I hope to learn more about you here! 🦣


@sellathechemist it's simple: hardly any publisher use LaTeX for the production version of the paper s. Rather, they pass perfectly fine TeX through (proprietary) software, which sometimes fails epically.

Having published with APS throughout my PhD, I was very surprised to find out that Nature recommended sending in submissions in MS Word format.

This, en passant, reminds us of how utterly exploitative scientific publishing is. Kudos to Sci-Post and JS Caux for trying to make some right out of this wrong.

--> Want to publish images? Use our #checklist to ensure all image data is understandable!

Today out @springernature
@naturemethods - wonderful home, its so pretty in its final form! 😍

Joint effort of 54 authors, some are on here too:


#Bioimaging #Images #ScienceCommunication
#scicomm #BioImages #Microscopy #dataviz #images #Image #ScienceMastodon #Science

So now that I have X-ited Twitter for good and settled in the #Fediverse, it is time to renew my #introduction, or rather my #introduction thread.

I am a physics scholar, vice president of Université de Lorraine, in charge of the digital, data and #OpenScience policies. I also work for the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, in charge of the international side of #OpenScience.


@mike That's interesting, it might be a sector-specific thing, but I didn't hear a single person even mentioning Bluesky! Anyway absolutely agree with you!

As Twitter self-immolates, I am seeing people I know setting up on Bluesky.

I find this perplexing. Can people really not learn the lesson that a social network owned by a capitalist is a social network they don't control?

You can argue about whether Bluesky or Mastodon has the better technology, but what's 100% clear is that Mastodon is run BY users FOR users. And that difference is the only one that matters in the end.

ENORMOUS congrats to @BSDB Student RepTamina Lebek who today won a "Community award" from the University of Edinburgh School of Biological Sciences for her amazing work to support her fellow PhD students 🏆

Oh, and she ALSO won the "Best student talk" award for her equally amazing science! 🏆 🏆

We'll be submitting her work to BioRxiv in the next week or two, so watch this space if you want to learn more about how she illuminates cellular neighbourhoods using... pufffins #Yes #Really #Pufffins

If I had one wish for everyone teaching with #rstats this academic year it would be to focus your materials on “learning skills through R” and not simply “learning R”. The latter is an unachievable goal and sets your students up to fail. The former approach can be used to break the teaching down into manageable building blocks, for students, & learning subsequent complex skills. When you are learning, how something is phrased matters!

#teaching #statistics #academia #highered #highereducation

@ncweaver @bluerootsradio @e_urq Still, there's plenty of examples where it can be used in practice and it does work, giving you results you wouldn't have been able to achieve manually. Image segmentation and classification are good examples of this. Protein structure prediction is another good one. Is it perfect? No. Is it overhyped? Sure, certain areas of it are, but that doesn't mean it's useless.

@ncweaver @bluerootsradio @e_urq I think we shouldn't be equating LLM for text generation (ChatGPT and the likes) to AI/ML. The latter has much larger scope and works much better for certain domain-specific problems.

“Facebook has already shifted users’ agreements for UK users away from the EU to its US terms, does not allow UK users to opt-out of personalised advertisements, nor do they plan to switch to a consent-based model of advertising like is happening in Europe.

It's more than obvious that Facebook doesn't believe the Information Commissioner's Office will enforce UK data protection standards."

🗣️ @marianods for ORG

#GDPR #dataprotection #meta #ukpolitics


“Every kid starts out as a natural-born scientist, and then we beat it out of them. A few trickle through the system with their wonder and enthusiasm for science intact.”

— Carl Sagan

#quote #CarlSagan

I just installed `tldr` (github.com/tldr-pages/tldr) and it provides very practical Linux documentation! I've attached the output from `tldr zip`; I only use `zip` when sharing files with collaborators on Windows so I always forget the parameters and `man zip` takes a while to read. You can install it using `pip3 install tldr`. Thanks to @drgroftehauge who told me about the tool!

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