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The Followgraph app for Mastodon is really helpful - helped me to me expand my network in a very meaningful way in only a few minutes:

Thanks to @gabipurcaru for creating this app. I like how the ecosystem is evolving; would be nice to have a plugin mechanism for such apps.

When data are supposed to be shared "on request", whose requests tend to be ignored?

New study: Requestors with Chinese names are ignored more often than those with Anglo-Saxon names. Within the group with Chinese names, those with male names are ignored more often than those with female names.

Working on updating my textbook ( to Quarto. In this process, incorporating webexercises ( by @debruine and @dalejbarr
so that you will be able to answer the questions online, and receive feedback (a much requested feature).

@drhettie Tenure became my super power. It allowed me to speak up, especially on behalf of my colleagues who were not on the tenure track or who were in vulnerable positions. Tenure gave me the freedom to pursue research questions that interested me. It protected me (to a degree) from academic political BS. I was always aware of and grateful for that rare privilege.

#HigherEd #Tenure

Call for ideas "Scholarship and Teaching and Learning: Links to disciplinary research"!

Have you ever done #SoTL-project?

We are looking for individual university teachers/staff who are interested in describing the relationship between their research and their SoTL activities in a book chapter (German or English).

All information in the #call:

Please share!

#SoTL #Scholarshipofteachingandlearning #highereducation @hul @dghd_info

RT @antagomir
R/@Bioconductor development & research work opportunities on microbiomes at the Department of Computing, Finland, BSc/MSc/PhD/Postdoc levels, PM me if interested.

How can #MachineLearning help you to analyze your microscopy images?

Find out at the "Deep Learning for Microscopy Image Analysis" course at the MBL in Woods Hole this summer!

Applications are due on:
🚨 May 18 🚨

To make the course accessible to a wide range of participants from diverse labs, the course is again free of tuition (including travel ✈️and housing🏠).

This is thanks to
HHMI and Janelia.Thanks for your generous support! 🙏

Tony Williams, Herbie Hancock, Carlos Santana, Wynton Marsalis, Ron Carter 1981, Live Under the Sky

No more going to the command line or searching how to enable Flathub. In Fedora 38, you can enable all of Flathub, unfiltered, as a third-party repo right out of the box.

You still have to opt-in if you want it, but it should be right there for you as you start an installation or check your settings in Gnome Software.

Hoping that makes Linux easier for our less technical users who want to avoid the terminal! 🙏
#Fedora #Linux #OpenSource #Flatpak

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Following Elsevier's decision to raise the article processing charge for NeuroImage to $3,450, all editors (inc. chief editors) from NeuroImage and NeuroImage:Reports have resigned, effective immediately.

I am joining this action and have also resigned.

Full announcement:

Takahē once roamed across New Zealand’s South Island, but introduced predators, hunting, habitat destruction & competition for food have taken a heavy toll.

For ~50 years, these flightless #birds were presumed extinct, but they were rediscovered in 1948.

Today there are less than 500 takahē left, but numbers have been increasing through successful conservation measures. #SharedPlanet #conservation #science

I had a conversation yesterday with my brother who has red/green color blindness; 1 in 12 men are color blind btw. I had actually forgotten he was color blind and reached out to another designer about color blindness instead of to him so egg on my face for that one. But when I realized it we talked and he told me some really interesting things:

New posting! Another more personal one, this time focusing on why although I'm I have no regrets for staying as long as I did. And why perhaps all should regularly ask themselves why they're staying, to be sure they're making positive choices.

An update on that "suck my tongue" story regarding the Dalai Lama--a great example of the way rage-click farming and propaganda (Tibetans are united in their conviction that China is behind the uproar) overlap.

"A handful of companies own the patents on virtually every seed planted in the US. Now, a new crop of unowned seeds is bringing biodiversity back to farming" /via @gijs

Oh, FFS. Golf is used in business to exclude women. So what is the WSJ's solution? Women should learn to play golf. Peak Journal.
What many women miss out on by not golfing with their colleagues via @WSJ

The local news is talking about teacher shortages. All I can do is laugh. Maybe pay the teachers a living wage? Allow them to, you know, teach their subject matter as the experts they are instead of putting ridiculous, bigoted roadblocks in their way? Perhaps, also, stop encouraging kids to go to school sick and get *them* sick, all for meaningless attendance awards? No?

Well. Good luck!

Did you know you can see how #Python parses your code? 🐍🤯

Breaking a .py file into a tree of "tokens" 🪙

python3 -m tokenize hi‍.py

Turning that into an "abstract syntax tree" 🎋

python3 -m ast hi‍.py

Then "disassembling" that to bytecode 🤖

python3 -m dis hi‍.py

When people say "comprehensions generate fewer operations than loops", they used dis.

I used the ast module when I made my undataclass script:

More in this PyCascades talk:

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