Migrated old route of our internal network through , i'm impressed at how good to this piece of software is.

Next chapter, integrate our existing vpn service to the stack.

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Command Line Mastodon clients (Linux)

For those like moi, who prefer to work in a terminal.
Tut (my preferred choice) github.com/RasmusLindroth/tut
Toot github.com/ihabunek/toot
Toot can be found in most distro’s. HTH ;-)

Cellular CU for FreeBSD 

Currently trying to create some of protocol stack ( and ) handlers for FreeBSD because there is none that i can find on the internet.

Issue 1 , the CU & DU code from are for linux only. Need to convert some base event handler into .

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I should get started posting stuff I guess? My main obsessions are ships and architecture. And trees. Trees are cool. Oh and robots. Here are some of those things.

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#feditip: add .rss to the end of most pages you see on a Mastodon server to get an RSS feed for your RSS reader.

Level 2: go about your day without internet, then in the evening settle down at your Computer Desk with a nice cup of tea to RSS-digest the day's shitposts.

Level 3: Aggregates your RSS feeds into epub format. Load the output onto your 2000's e-ink e-reader via USB cable. Sit in an overstuffed armchair with a nearby lamp, say aloud "Ah, yes, today's internet" and sip your port.

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"Mastodon is too complicated for mass adoption."

Who the hell wants mass adoption? Name one thing on the Internet with mass adoption that isn't a dumpster fire.

Extending cheap VPS resources with local nodes hasn't been easier since wireguard came into picture.

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A neat circuit simulation I worked on a while back that was intended to provide automatic RF gain control.

In other words regardless of how strong or weak the input signal is the circuit would either attenuate or amplify the signal to bring it to ~ 3V. The idea was to be able to use it to analyze signals with a wide range of input voltages on a 3.3V chip. It was going to be part of a frequency counter but I created a simpler design for that in the end.

Either way check it out and play with it even if the circuit doesnt interest you as this web-based circuit simulator is pretty cool if your a beginner or just want to mess around with a circuit idea.


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I tend to agree. Even when we talk about children I often find age is not relevant but it becomes relevant only because of how people treat kids.

A 100 years ago a 14 year old would be doing things a mature adult would do and would handle the responsibility just fine. But we treat our kids like they cant match an adult, so they mature much later than they otherwise would.


Been tinkering with this scilab thing for almost a week now. The system seems to work well, yet i still have zero clue about the correlation between PID and Plant . Well, hope the best for the presentation tomorrow.

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