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@xtaldave There are some rare gems up in Newington too, if you were willing to hazard the Neverending Roadworks™.

@admitsWrongIfProven It wasn’t in reply to anything; it was an observation of disgraced former PM Johnson’s pathetic attempt to avoid parliamentary scrutiny for breaking the law re Covid restrictions.

Fifty-two pages to say nothing and lie while doing so? Truly a politician of our times.

Key passage from Boris Johnson's attempts to pretend he didn't knowingly lie to Parliament

#BorisJohnson #PartyGate #CompulsiveLiar

Discovered that it’s almost impossible to hum Chopin’s Funeral March if thinking about Williams’ Imperial March.

@xtaldave That’s been his schtick for the past few years. I can only imagine he’s somehow managed to say that for 50 pages.

Crace has the measure of him.

It’s amazing that Johnson really thinks that anyone who isn’t already a completely deluded idiot will believe a word he says.

@anarchic_teapot @clacksee Everyone eventually finds Rose Street. The trick is finding the way out.

Brexit is a shit idea. 

@xtaldave TBF have the DUP ever voted *for* anything?

Claiming that Mike Pence is not a "real Christian" when he does something you don't like is not helpful. There are many conservative Christians in the United States who share his views. History has shown us that "Christian" is not synonymous with moral decency. Claiming otherwise perpetuates a Christian privilege that harms the rest of us.

#ChristianPrivilege #morality #MikePence #secularism #atheism #bigotry #USPol

While the #CryptoWars continue, we would like to remind everyone of two very convincing facts for the pro #encryption side:

✅ 1. Encryption can't be outlawed

✅ 2. Backdoors for the good guys only are impossible

Read our position on the ongoing crypto wars:

#CSAM #OnlineSafetyBill #BackDoor

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