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My distaste for Indico has been elevated by 450±10% today. 🤢

I thought I'd bookmarked a massive list of sportsball-related hashtags to ignore. Turns out I didn't and now I have to trawl around to find them in order to ignore them. Balls.

here's a list of all 922 possible hashtags for the upcoming football thing, in case you want to mute them in advance.

Me: “Mina, would you like another walk? It’s not raining now.”

Self explanatory statements below. I have a theory on this.
Please boost if you take part
#poll #extrovert #introvert #mastodon

Gah! Legitimately had a DIY-related excuse to buy Swarfega but failed to buy Swarfega! Mmm, … 🤤


For those of you who don't want to delete your Twitter accounts just yet, you might want to consider deleting your old tweets, likes, retweets, and DMs. Deleting them means you don't have to be as concerned about their privacy and potential misuse.

#twitter #TwitterMigration #Semiphemeral #privacy #SocialMedia

Here's a tool that seems to work well for this purpose:

I might be imagining things, but it seems I've heard less about the War on Christmas this year than normal. I usually start hearing about it in July and it continues through mid-December. I have to admit that I miss it. #WarOnChristmas #atheism


It’s really sad I’m sharing this, but it is so satisfying that letters can be coloured in for milk type (coconut, oat, soya, tit, almond)


UK economy damaged by ‘own goals’ like Brexit and Liz Truss’s Budget, economists say
Institute for Fiscal Studies says UK faces ‘long, unpleasant journey’ over next few years

If you don’t dispose of the phone and SIM after it’s *first and only* use, it’s not a “”, it’s just a “different phone”.

Meta/“official” Mastadon app (iOS) 

This seems completely redundant in three ways:
1) displaying something filtered at all;
2) displaying something filtered at (presumably) the reserved size of the filtered content;
2) displaying something filtered with no other context to determine if the filter needs to be fine-tuned.

🎶 Show me the way to the issue tracker. I’m tired and I want to go to bed. 🎶

Why is it called “going out for another bike ride” and not “recycling”?

There are no visible likes on Mastodon.

How do I get my rush of validation now?! 😄

Ugh. Imposter syndrome kicking in big time. Always does when I’m running on empty, but that seems to be precisely when one needs to be able to pretend to be on the ball.

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