Unfortunately, this is just the start. I have been saying this IRL for a while. Like all systems, Mastodon will devolve into into a hierarchical structure of reach. The idea of choice, like instance admins choosing to block certain servers will only be a choice in writing. A consortium of servers will develop a set of rules (kind of starting now). This group will have their own set of standards that will apply to all groups they federate with. As their group becomes larger, the group will defederate more instances. This will start with smaller, new instances. These new instances will comply the new standard, outside Mastodon's rules as a whole, out of fear of irrelevancies. Eventually, once this consortium of instances hits a large percentage of the userbase (maybe 10-25%) they will apply these rules to larger instances. Those that do not follow the groups standards will be defederated. From here, 2 things could happen. 1) Most everyone adopts these new standards, leaving a fringe portion of instances, not federated with many, or 2) the federation will fracture into 2 radical sides (sound familiar) who do not federate, and are just huge echo chambers.

Either of these results are boring, unimaginative, and unoriginal. The only path I can see not leading to this would be staying neutral. But with pressure, like all systems in jeopardy of losing power and influence, my guess is they too will cave.

All ideas of Mastodon being a place of broad ideas and freedom may be true now to some degree, but will shown to be illusion in the near future.

As always, this is just my opinion, and it doesn't mean shit. I hope I'm wrong.

@Gargron @khird @trinsec

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Sad, and in the end the central figures, like @Gargron , are the only ones who can guide to path. Sadly he seems to care more about "optics" than doing what is right and supporting the protection of our LGBTQ community. @khird @trinsec

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