@h_tejas@mastodon.social seeing a better list of Biryani places after a long time.

@imMAK02 pathetic state of affairs in India right now. There's widespread communal hate. Almost all hatemongers are supporters of the ruling right wing BJP

What if they just go ahead with meetings/gatherings of 999 people

Asking the right questions. Nothing on why religion was used as a criterion in the first place.

Usually in such instances, by the time the tweet is deleted it would have served its purpose of catering to the dumb followers

His tweet resonates with 99% of the people I met today since morning

@pursephoney@mastodon.social People are lauding this staged drama but these so called encounters might become a norm if encouraged.

But I thought UP cops were the inspiration for Telangana cops

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@compass_straight_edge it's less about architecture and more about how future semiconductor IC Fabrication techniques might evolve

An amazing article by Greg Yeric of ARM on the future of Integrated circuits. He takes you on a journey from early 19th century Cavendish laboratory at Cambridge and explains how the fundamental research work done at Cavendish plays an important role in leading a possible path to ICs in 2030

@vidyut There is Tirumala temple of Vishnu in Tirupathi and then there is Thirumalai Jain temple dedicated to Lord Neminatha in Tamil Nadu. Connect the dots.

@thequint but none of the IT coolies will face any action

@raining_night there are plans of John Wick 4 I heard. They kept John alive even after the fall from a skyscraper.

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But what's even more depressing is that the country seems to have lost its will to fight this descent into darkness


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