Nice to meet you! is so great.
I like using "Federated timeline" with hidden domains in "QOTO Default Theme" or "Material Theme (dark)" very much (like a image. In addition, Twitter button is ).
Furthermore, I am interested in "NextCloud" and "Discourse" of .
I don't know the details yet, But Many Thanks !

@puzzl Hello and welcome to Qoto -- I am glad you like the place are are enjoying it. 😃

I like the Dark Theme, and run it in full screen on my laptop. With a nice add-on for Firefox called "Collapsed Mastodon" it uses all of the screen - as shown in this screenshot I am taking now.

It add a Toot Editor right below the post I want to reply to. 😉

@puzzl For using the Discourse Forum and the NextCloud service, you just need to sign up for them -- each is a separate account from the Mastodon instance, unfortunately. We suggest you use the same name as you use in Mastodon, so people can recognize you more easily.

* Discourse forum is at :

* NextCloud is at :

Now In the :disco_parrot: of , Once I logined with GitHub, but I was able to change my ID later! (I can Associated Google Account too.) There are many wondrful contents!

At the :nextcloud: of , I amn't changed from a automatic ID when logged in with GitHub on the other hand, but it can be distinguished rather. I'm Fine!→ I will try various! :kirby_happy:

@puzzl Wonderful, I am glad you liked the Discourse Forum! I think it has great potential, it complements Mastodon well.

Enjoy these, Puzzl.

@design_RG Thank you for telling me about "Collapsed Mastodon" !
Now available in addition to option "about:addons" of Firefox!
Awesome! COOOOOL!!

@puzzl Ah, glad you like it -- I find it makes the Widescreen experience really neat. Love it.

It will provide that wide screen full display in many other instances too, including many where the Mastodon AWI is very narrow and wastes a lot of space. With Collapsed Mastodon, it looks just like this screenshot above.

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