Nice to meet you! is so great.
I like using "Federated timeline" with hidden domains in "QOTO Default Theme" or "Material Theme (dark)" very much (like a image. In addition, Twitter button is ).
Furthermore, I am interested in "NextCloud" and "Discourse" of .
I don't know the details yet, But Many Thanks !

@puzzl Hello and welcome to Qoto -- I am glad you like the place are are enjoying it. 😃

I like the Dark Theme, and run it in full screen on my laptop. With a nice add-on for Firefox called "Collapsed Mastodon" it uses all of the screen - as shown in this screenshot I am taking now.

It add a Toot Editor right below the post I want to reply to. 😉

@puzzl For using the Discourse Forum and the NextCloud service, you just need to sign up for them -- each is a separate account from the Mastodon instance, unfortunately. We suggest you use the same name as you use in Mastodon, so people can recognize you more easily.

* Discourse forum is at :

* NextCloud is at :


Now In the :disco_parrot: of , Once I logined with GitHub, but I was able to change my ID later! (I can Associated Google Account too.) There are many wondrful contents!

At the :nextcloud: of , I amn't changed from a automatic ID when logged in with GitHub on the other hand, but it can be distinguished rather. I'm Fine!→ I will try various! :kirby_happy:

@puzzl Wonderful, I am glad you liked the Discourse Forum! I think it has great potential, it complements Mastodon well.

Enjoy these, Puzzl.

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