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#FOSDEM happened! We just published a quick wrap-up of the conference and videos of all the talks :D Thanks once again to everyone who came to our talks and spoke to us :)

Woot the day is here! Afte over 2 years on the fediverse I finally passed the 10K follower count!




To thank my followers anyone this week anyone who follows my account is welcome to a free beer with me in Utrecht, Netherlands. Just send me a message to arrange it!

Whats the most important feature you'd like to see added to QOTO?

Attention: is semaphoring that he is about to Cross the Bifrost in UD2.208! #fosdem Follow along live:

#FOSDEM come learn about open, secure and decentralised comms with Matrix in Building K! Keep control over your discussion by running your server while federating with the rest of the network 🤯

Seems we had some downtime on QOTO, first time in over 2 years... investigating now

Hello everyone! This is an instance I set up for FOSDEM to use as a demo and event instance! It will shut down after the event is over!

FOSDEM is empowered by its volunteers!
If you attend main tracks or lightning talks, we are still looking for people for the heralding task (announce the speaker, ensure the talk ends on-time) & video (pointing the camera in the right direction)

Square packing:

Adam Ponting found a way to cover arbitrarily large (e.g. as measured by inradius) contiguous patches of the plane by distinct squares of sizes from \(1\) to \((2n+1)^2\), for any \(n\). Via and

* Memories, a visit to the Archeology Museum *

It started this morning, the thread. And over short posts, someone told a story. Of a Greek man, who lived in antiquity, by the Mediterranean side; in a city whose name is still preserved, and today is written "Marseille".

This series of posts was interesting, liked it and went to the top to find the rest.

Enjoying his post, I remembered similar thoughts, of History, and how things worked, how small bits and pieces came to me as I visited an exposition, at the Archeological Museum, in Lisbon.

Now the story is on my blog:

You can also see a mirrored copy at our Discouse Forum at :

** Author notes:

This is one of my favourite posts in my blog, I really enjoyed writing it, first as a series of Toots, then as a fleshed out and enriched Blog post.

I am grateful to @kashi for the original suggestion and inspiration of our new Qoto Journal hashtag.

So I'll be hitting 10,000 followers in the next few days. My plan is that the day I hit 10K I will buy any of my followers a few free beers in Utretcht. So anyone who wants to meetup for a free beer in a few days send me a DM!

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