Climate change drives bigger, wetter storms, like Florence 

The amount of premature deaths caused by long exposure to high concentrations of particulate matter in the atmosphere is larger than expected: 8.9 million in 2015.


#AirPollution #AirQuality

Cornell physicists develop the Physics Lab Inventory of Critical thinking (PLIC) to help standardize assessment practices for lab instruction.

Diagnostic scores for first year students in 2017-2018 demonstrate a 2% increase between initial and final course survey.

My research involves quantifying trace, toxic, particulate matter with neutron activation analysis. This is the neutron generator I use to irradiate air sampled filters, which are then analyzed by gamma spectroscopy.

Deuterium gas feeds into the magnetron on the left, which is ionized into plasma. The plasma strikes a deuterium film target in the chamber on the right, producing helium and a neutron beam. Aluminum then moderates the beam to thermal energy.

Paintings inspired by particle trails. Acrylic on canvas.
These have been a favourite thing of mine to paint for years! I find something about lines very aesthetically pleasing, and painting them is incredibly soothing. #art #artists #painting

Hello everyone, I'm excited to try out Mastodon! It may take me some time to warm up but I would like to get in the habit of posting regularly.

I am a physics phd student researching dust transport kinetics to create better dose predictions of radioactive release exposures. I also teach college physics in a variety of settings (classroom/lab, studio, online). I'm driven by the scientific method and improving the health and understanding of our society. Feel free to chat!

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