Hello everyone, I'm excited to try out Mastodon! It may take me some time to warm up but I would like to get in the habit of posting regularly.

I am a physics phd student researching dust transport kinetics to create better dose predictions of radioactive release exposures. I also teach college physics in a variety of settings (classroom/lab, studio, online). I'm driven by the scientific method and improving the health and understanding of our society. Feel free to chat!

@radiohacktive Hey, welcome to

I hope you have an awesome time here. We have a few physics researchers here already. I love physics myself, always excited to hear about what people are working on or their insights.

Please share some of your lab work sometime, but also whatever is on your mind. I really look forward to getting to know you.

@freemo Thank you for the warm welcome, it looks like this instance has been growing pretty rapidly lately. I can't wait to dive into some discussions around here!

I definitely plan to share some of the data I've been collecting. Much of my recent work involves irradiating air samples with neutrons (neutron activation), then detecting the sample's resulting gamma radioactivity on a spectrum to get a measure of trace quantities. I could upload some gamma spectra soon to show what I mean here! :)

@radiohacktive ah!! welcome to the meme-verse, fellow nerd of interesting things o/

@radiohacktive Welcome here! I also follow physics, not that I really understand it... let's say I follow it as I follow musicians without knowing much of music =)

And I'm following you too!

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