A couple very rough estimates retrieved quickly in 5 minutes from official Elsevier data.
RELX, the company which owns Elsevier has a capitalization of 56£ billion. Elsevier publishes around 600.000 articles per year and the average price per submission is 2350£ (simple average over submission price in every journal, not counting amount of articles published.)
The average subscription price for each journal is 3524£, I'll assume 600.000 subscription just to have a number.
This means that research institutes and universities overall would pay around 3.5£ billion to Elsevier every year. By saving that money, we could collectively buy Elsevier in less than 10 years.
Maybe we should set up an association, every time you pay money to Elsevier you'd have to make a donation to such association with the objective of buying the majority of RELX.
This would be an economically sound decision.

@oliphaunt It seemed quite interesting to me, so I took a look at the article. The study is well done and finds no statistically significant difference in infections between groups of people wearing masks and not wearing masks, however your conclusions are not based on the evidence brought up by the article. I'll point out the study was performed in Denmark in April/May 2020, so this is not really a new finding.

As the authors of the paper point out: "The findings, however, should not be used to conclude that a recommendation for everyone to wear masks in the community would not be effective".
In fact they point out that at the time it was rare for people to wear masks; thus the study shows that wearing masks in a place where nobody wears masks does not protect you significantly. However, it proves nothing about the infectiousness in places where everyone wears a mask.

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Exciting to see a new protein generative diffusion model in preprint! We look forward to trying the Genie model from Mohammed AlQuraishi aqlab.io/ arxiv.org/abs/2301.12485 #ai #proteinengineering #proteinai #drugdiscovery

I found this service: fetchrss.com
They are able to convert a facebook page in a rss feed and 5 of these feeds are for free.

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My internet connection has been extremely slow for months: when connecting to certain websites I'd have to wait several minutes to load the page. However, the connection is very quick when I transfer data.
Recently, I decided to investigate. Apparently my company is dropping connection to a vast amount of domains; this wouldn't be a problem, if they didn't include a lot of CDN among those domains.
I asked the IT technician, who said that the security system mistakes CDNs for spam addresses.
Now people, host your own style sheets please, as I otherwise have to wait several minutes to get bootstrap, which you use for setting a header and nothing more.

I'm amazed by the fact that hundreds of people work here and nobody ever complained about it...

Fuck CDN, Fuck people dropping packets rather than rejecting them.

@WataruTenkawa @skyportradio @gijs Thanks! I use selfoss and it allows getting twitter feeds directly there. I'm afraid it cannot do it for Facebook; probably I'm better off writing a plugin to download Facebook stuff as I really don't want to change software.

@skyportradio Looks cool, but I don't want to change my rss reader just for facebook.

@Liesvanrompaey Oh, i see! Then I think the better option should be searching the names on a database, such as chemspider, chembl or pubchem and download the structural information in the SMILES format.
Then you can convert the smiles string into a structure with the properties you prefer; I believe Marvin should be able to convert a list of smiles into structures automatically.

How to get a Facebook page as an RSS feed? Here they have very cool sociocultural centers that publish the activities on Facebook, and I don't want to regularly log on Facebook just to check events.

@Liesvanrompaey Hi, I'm not really sure what you mean by generate a simple structural formula.
Do you want to draw/write the formula? I doubt there is software dedicated to draw that kind of formula with no angles. Maybe some latex package; but probably it'll be quicker to draw them in impress at that point.

To draw molecules you could look at xchemdraw (but it's a bit old) or marvinsketch; both are free. I attach an image of what you could get.

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@rastinza @tanya_shapiro

Yep, for those who won we don't actually know how long they may have survived. Each season there is only 1 winner (except S4). The winners would need to survive ~2.3x longer than they did to balance the average days lasted for men and women. With that in mind I think this is a fair metric to compare genders more generally.

@ashdragon A digital spreadsheet. But to be fair I'm not really budgeting, just checking my expenses at the end of the month to have a broad idea of my expenses.
I can do this now, because I started paying most of the stuff using my debit card; this is apparently possible here in Spain where they accept even very small payments below 1€ to be done with the card.

What I do is the following: download my bank statement, copy expenses to a spreadsheet and broadly categorize each expense. This doesn't take more than 5 minutes per month. Then I have a formula set in place that will calculate how much money I spent, what percentage of my income I got as savings and what percentage of my savings I have invested.

Indeed I can do this because I pretty much keep in mind more or less how much I spent through the month. It works quite well for me as I rarely spend more than 50% of my salary.

@tanya_shapiro @danoehm I don't know what alone is specifically, but I can imagine.
Is it better to go on longer before winning?
While men definitely survive less, they appear to win and to do that earlier than the women who outlasts most men.
Is the average survival time a fair metric when you have people who leave earlier because they won?

@janhjensen Come on, where's the fun figuring out the new conformation from a printed screenshot of VMD then?
But really, once I got the geometry of a large molecule published in a PDF, spanning over several pages and with no OCR.

Ho smesso di fumare, non per la salute o robe del genere.
Dopo anni di onesto scrocco professionale ho dovuto cominciare a comprare tabacco perché il mio coinquilino fumatore si lamentava che gliene scroccavo troppe.
Però allora non ci stò, non voglio mica comprarlo il tabacco, poi così non c'è gusto.
Almeno prima quando avevo voglia di fumare andavo a farmi un giro e mi facevo una chiacchierata con qualcuno, ora ero arrivato al punto di fumare tutti i giorni in casa da solo.

@errantscience Cool, I have to make this a banner to anyone connecting to the computation cluster

Sto avendo una fervente discussione epistolare con Massimo Fini ed ho provato ad utilizzare per rimettermi le frasi un po' a posto.
Mi ha sparato fuori questa perla "Meglio non riportare i dati in modo errato, piuttosto che riportarli del tutto."

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@rastinza @aspuru @KellyKellyKelly

is even more useful when asking stuff that you know very well and that can’t fool you. By knowing it you can quickly read a lot of answers and most of the time there are relevant details you never heard of or connections you didn’t make.

I’m currently experimenting with a plugin for that can be used to generate more content alongside my notes to keep it in context and eventually reworked manually; here there is an example (in Italian) with machine generated sentences highlighted:

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Oh hey, abled people, do you know what spoons are in the disability community?

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