I'd say it is quite useful to quickly get a birds eye view of a topic.
Do you trust anything written in there? Obviously not, but you can find a lot of useful keywords related to a topic you know nothing about and save yourself quite some time.

Ok, you convinced me... I guess I'll take a look at your paper.

This year only half the doctoral thesis written in the University of Santiago de Compostela were in English.
42 of these were in Galician, which might make sense considering 44 of these thesis were written by Spanish students working in the fields of arts and humanities, thus they might have written stuff about Galician literature in Galician.

This fact to me highlights the poor aperture of Spanish academics to the outside world and plummets the value of their work.
Some time ago, I was talking with a professor about a possible collaboration and he sent me a PhD thesis of one of his students to give me an overview of what they've been doing. This thesis was in Spanish, I didn't even read it. I believe that if you feel you've done a good work you'll try to share it with other people as much as possible, publishing a thesis in Spanish makes me think you do not value your work enough to make it accessible to other researchers.
I'm disappointed by the Spanish researchers because of this.
Indeed, lots of good researchers are Spanish and I've read plenty of good articles with Spanish authors; however, I believe that this kinds of things lowers the value of their research.

Never thought about doing this, this makes git much simpler to use!

Ragioniere, concordo con lei: bere acqua è altamente genotossico, molto meglio gustarsi un buon bicchiere di chianti!

Estoy aprendiendo el español y este chatgpt es muy mejor del diccionario de la real academia de español en explicar el significado de las palabras.

Ok, this takes a lot of time and I have to do other things, I have to prepare since I have an actual date soon... She'll have to wait tomorrow for her turn...

Anyways, she's going at it pretty quickly!

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It's some time that beautiful girls keep accidentally writing to me on WhatsApp because someone gave them the wrong number.
I didn't really understand where's the scam, but at least I have a lot of beautiful girls that want to be friends with me.

Anyways, right now I'm a Chilean man, the name is written in my profile so I can not change that, but on the surname we're free.
If you want to take part in me trying to have some fun dicking out with these error prone beautiful girls I'll let you comment here details about my life that I'll give them during the conversation.
I can admit crimes and whatever.

Hermanos Españoles, si de verdad piensas estás cosas vos no tienes ni idea de los otros gobiernos del mundo.
En mi país, Italia, el primero ministro fue acusado por varias conductas criminales y el acusó los jueces de parcialidad, no se presentó a los procesos y hice leyes ad persona para no ir a juicio.

No me interesa mucho de este cosa de Twitter y tal, pero soy muy feliz de no vivir en América.
Como pueiser legal esta cosa?

Is it true that in Belgium you don't recycle aluminium? That sounds absurd to me...

Evviva! Oggi è venuto il tecnico ed ha fatto un altro screenshot al mio indirizzo Mac.
Dice che a breve mi metterà la connessione Ethernet!

Intanto io è tre settimane che vado così

Hoy he ido a una montaña cerca de Santiago; un buen paseo y he encontrado algunas cositas.
No hai setas però...

@aurochs hemos hablado de caballa, entonces ayer, antes de un concierto compré dos.
Fui tarde por el concierto, pero comé bien.
Y también encontré una buena chica que tengo que ver pronto una otra vez.

La caballa hace suerte!

I know you're very cool and publish your articles before the official journal is out, but do you really have to use letters in place of page numbers?
Come on editors, we pay good money for you to put those numbers there.

io ho votato.
Nella circoscrizione estera molti partiti non si sono presentati e certamente manca quello che avrei preferito votare.
Non fa nulla, almeno ho potuto votare.
Sempre sperando che le poste spagnole riescano a portare la letterina a Madrid entro le 4 di domani...

Sito del ministero dell'interno con la lista dei programmi dei vari partiti che si presentano alle elezioni.
Non è che qualcuno favorisce alleanza verdi e sinistra?
Elencarla tre volte mi pare un tanto eccessivo...

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