How come I can't get more than 7.5 hrs of sleep? Ever?

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@Surasanji Not for sleep. Hadn't thought of that :deepthought: but I don't want to be dependent on drugs. Maybe I'll try it sometime, what do you recommend?

@realcaseyrollins Well, if you're trying to sleep deeper and longer you should set up a schedule and a ritual. Something you do every night- and you have to stick to it.

SOme herbal tea (sleepytime tea is good.) with a bit of honey. No phone/laptop/computer/tv screens.

Most of the over the counter stuff is supposed to help you getting to sleep, but staying asleep is often a function of environment.

You want to be a comfortable temperature, for instance, and you'll want to just make sure you are as comfortable as possible.

There's also a chance you might just be someone who sleeps for 7.5 hours. If you're not waking up stupidly tired, you should be good. If you are, maybe you snore or have another sleep disrupting issue.

@Surasanji Getting to sleep isn't an issue, but for some reason I can never seem to sleep for more than 8 hours at most, and it seems to me to actually be going down to around 7.5 hours

@Surasanji I think that's true, but I still feel tired sometimes, despite getting what should be a proper amount of rest.

@realcaseyrollins That might be a function of depth/quality of sleep versus length. You might have apnea or something like that. It can make your sleep less restful.

That's something you should talk to a doctor about, though, although you can always set up a recording to see if you do snore.

@Surasanji yea that is normal and healthy.

Most doctors would never give someone a regular daily dose of sleeping pills. I am an exception really in that regard. But I can say sleeping pills tend to **reduce** the amount of hours you sleep long term they dont increase it (for me that is good).

Do six. Get up for two, do more;
Natural human sleep cycle before
artificial lighting.

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