This debate's boring at this point. Glad they just ended it.

Being black is not a setback nor a bad thing . That's a terrible message to tell a crowd of black people. Shame on you.

Wait , how come you could go back to law school after having your kid, but not being a teacher?

is giving a bumbling yet touching statement about losing family members. Not a bad message he's delivering here.

How come debates for debates have more protesters than debates? So which party is the party of hatred again?

Resiliency is an interesting question. But not an interesting one.

Why is taking such a long break for such a short upcoming segment?

"Environment injustice"

I mean, this isn't a race issue though... is legit acting like white people are poisoning the water of black kids with lead, that's not how it works...

Nice that he's #1 for high poverty to high performance tho

: Our school are segregated because our communities are segregated.


: "I'm married to a school teacher, my deceased wife is a school teacher."

So...he's married to a dead woman?

what institutional segregation is there? Most segregation I see is voluntary and social.

: I'll make all college debt free!


Cancelling all student debt.

But that instabilizes the economy. Every watched ?

I should fact check ' claims about black students' likelihood to go to college based on whether or not their teachers were black. It's an interesting stat.

I mean, my third grade teacher was my mom, and I'm in college now, so I guess it worked!

says we don't have enough school teachers, so we need to raise the bar and get more? No! This disincentives aiming for excellence.

: We need universal child care and pre k

This is an economic disaster! She won't be able to explain how she will pay for this.

I like what is saying here though. Allow families to have more money so students have a better learning environment.

But that won't be done by giving them more money, that will raise taxes. Just lower taxes and let them keep more of their own money.

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