Hmm @timcast claims the Dems are revving up new plans to retry . I'm all for it, if it'll be fair.

(PSST: It won't.)

If even and can agree that should be president why are we even arguing smh

Last night we saw more positive and presidential than we are ever likely to hear him again.

That is, until the next πŸ˜‰

Turned on on my TV just for kicks, apparently was arrested for protesting in favor of , while protesters were allowed to continue...

: Look out , your government wants to take your guns

: Well I guess now the citizens know so let's move in bois

The only reason won't help libs beat in 2020 is they know him winning will be good for their business and lead to more engagement on their platform.

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The Senate will NEVER get the go-ahead to do the trial, at least not till wins this next election.

Wait...are boomers and modern hippies from big cities * still * blaming "dem computers" and , the hive mind who controls them all, for making people vote for in 2016?

@YouTube over here making sure you see negative coverage of if you search his name

We all know how responds to hecklers and protestors.

But how did respond?

Here's a video from @CNN.

The whole thing was a lot calmer. There was fewer emotions on both sides than you see at events, when a heckler is present.

Lewd, censored swearing 

Prof. Whitman: Carpe Diem! Seize the day!

: I grab 'em by the p***y.

Dang. is some heavy propaganda, acting as though has committed an impeachable offense in his call with .

It's a serviceable replacement for a broke cord cutter like me!πŸ™‚

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