@alex @dave What I hadn't mentioned before was that this user had also sent the same message to some of my other accounts as well. But you could be right.

@dave If I'd gotten a direct threat I'd probably go to the authorities tho

Update: I'm making my account private for a bit. I got a strange DM that kinda weirded me out for a bit and this seems to me to be the best course of action for now.

I will let you guys know when I make my public return, and y'all should still be able to see my boosts. But until then, this is Bravo Six, going dark.

Good morning, here's today's forecast:

Rain continues to batter the southern states, with ongoing showers in central and southern Mississippi and Alabama, which can only worsen the ongoing flood situation in and along the Pearl River, including the city of Jackson. Remember the rhyme if out driving: If you see high water on a roadway, turn around, don't drown!

A nice day otherwise for most of the country, although it's a little on the chilly side!

Elsewhere, an interesting setup is taking place in the coastal region of North Carolina, with wintry precipitation! Currently extending from just south of Virginia Beach, on into Raleigh and Fayetteville and down into Myrtle Beach, this area is seeing mostly sleet at the moment, but temperatures will continue to fall during the day.

My main is getting followed by a fuckton of new people the past few days and it made me hella shy

Broke: Promote equality

Woke: Promote discrimination against white men

Ok guys someone explain what kind of fun things I can do here, I'm a little lost, actually

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Twitter tests social credit style fact-checking system for politicians and public figures


PRESIDENT TRUMP: "Hillary Clinton leaked more classified documents than any human being, I believe, in the history of the United States of America."


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