MR. Robot S04E13 Spoilers 

It doesn't explain who the real Elliot is, which I think leaves me a little bit confused.

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The more I ruminate over the finale, the more it makes sense.

Yo @dansup @native7 did y'all see the finale? What did y'all think?

Mr. Robot S04E13 Slight Spoilers 


Somebody had a theory about Elliot & Olivia, I forgot where. But S04E13 is leaning towards it rn.

Mr. Robot S04E13 Spoilers & Masked Swearing 

"This doesn't make any sense.

If I'm not Elliot, who the f--k am I?"


Mr. Robot S04E13 Spoilers 

Holy frick did you really need to be so cold and shut out like that?

Just wrapped up S04E12 and I'm tryna figure out what the everylasting heck I'm watching lol

Mr. Robot S04E12 Spoilers 

"Am I...his monster?"


Mr. Robot S04E12 Spoilers 

It's highkey hard to see my man like this smh

My internet sucks and I keep losing connection.

I'll probably rewatch the finale because I'm pretty sure I've already missed crucial stuff

Mr. Robot S04E11 Spoilers 

Yo I think the reason doesn't exist in the "dream world" is because everybody got to live the life they want and for the Aldersons that meant not having Darlene. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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