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@realcaseyrollins @easthighNerd yep.

Also I just don't know better international Mastodon non-themed instance. :)

@realcaseyrollins @easthighNerd This is a good list.

Although my servers aren't on it yet lol but still, this one makes sense to me.

@shebang @realcaseyrollins @easthighNerd is also open. Pretty open, you can post whatever you want except porn I think.

I love how like the loudest anti-patriarchy women are complaining so loudly about white men who literally only exists in tiny cultist sects and offshoots of Christianity.

Yeah, like a few dozen Mennonite hicks are oppressing all of America... πŸ˜‚

Fun fact: there's a lot going on with free software compatibility with Apple! For instance:
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Me: * makes account private *

Quality of toots: * increases *

Me: * makes account public *

Quality of toots: * decreases *

BREAKING: ABC News has suspended correspondent David Wright over comments he made in an undercover Project Veritas video.

Project Veritas will release the video at 9 am EST

So you can now finally jailbreak a Tesla so you can use all the features?

I served an accidental look today-- frohawk + witchy dangling earrings. My hair is still faintly purple but you can't really see in this light.

Which is more viral?

Local reporters. Don't forget to scan other social outlets for breaking local news tips. may want to check out this Nextdoor thread about a PBSO deputy that allegedly brandished a gun at someone that cut the line at a Costco gas station in Royal Palm Beach.

You can have your white women, fed. Don't worry.

You want all the credit for what you built but none of the blame for you letting it rot. You build powerful nations and institutions and weapons and let the wrong people get their hands on it. Whose fault is that? Whose fault is it that the whites let people trick them into thinking MArxism was sooo dope.

Look at Charloettesville and Berkeley. The police didn't help your people at all. Black folks warned you about the abuses. You probably looked at some crime stats and thought "oh it only happens because they get arrested more." Yea like millions and millons of black people somehow just invented a story about abuse. Right.

You done goofed, man. But hey, since you invented logic and science and shit, you should be glad your legacy is shining bright now since I'm using it.

Enjoy your sons being daughters, man. Yet another thing Africans didn't invent.

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