Hi everybody! (hi dr nick) here to try something new. For a living I help run a university campus network, with a focus on WiFi. For fun it's walking, photography, drums and live sound. Based in the north of England / Northern Ireland, I'm interested in politics and utterly fed up with politicians. I'm a faltering follower of Christ but can't call myself Christian. Always happy to engage/argue/discuss with those I don't agree with in a respectful manner.
Cheers all

@realmattseymour Respectful discourse is at the heart of what stands for. Love each other, respect each other. I have no doubt you will get along with the community wonderfully.

I'd look forward to seeing you share some of your photography sometime.

@realmattseymour faltering follower of Jesus? You're in the right frame of mind, brother...

@realmattseymour hey! As a former on-campus dweller: assuming you're aware of the terabytes flowing through the student DC++ filesharing network, do you a) ignore it, b) try to shut it down, or c) look for someone to set you up with an account?

(bonus option: d), you're the one running it)

@spinflip pretty much shut it down, life gets too hard legally if we don’t as all our public IPs are nicely identifiable to the institution.

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