haha wow — the ivy that covers the wall outside is making its way inside!

@sabbatical Hi, do those raised beds in the background (IF that's correct) hold up to all the weight (wood, soil, water) on top?

And does it have actual contact with those elements or you have it lined from inside with drainage in mind somehow / something breathable? Just getting your xp over the years on that (if you've done raised beds for a while)

@freeschool yes, they hold up — this is our third year with them, and got them used off a guy so they've been in the ontario elements at least 6yr now. old standard wooden skids on the bottom, then bracketed/hinged wood rectangles stacked on top (which fold flat if we wanted to store them, though we haven't). bottom was lined with plywood and/or cardboard to keep the dirt from falling through. nothing lining sides though. everything is porous enough for drainage.

last year i made the cages for them and that worked a lot better since the squirrels couldnt eat everything, but i shouldve made them taller!

@sabbatical Chicken wire as cages you mean?
And taller from the squirrel eating aspect or other benefits?

@freeschool yep, chicken wire stapled to frames made from long wood pieces my neighbour had spare. taller because the plants were way too big! the taller one on the left was OK, 90% of the tomato plants fit. but the short ones had kale, lettuce, etc growing wayyy out of the tops. and once theyve grown through the tops you cant really take the lid off easily without pulling out the roots, so makes it hard to maintain. should've made them 2ft higher at least, maybe more.

@sabbatical Oh right yeah - way too short some of them, even for tomatoes maybe :) My greenhouse / glasshouse barely is high enough, grows on sticks and then on inside of roof using thin wooden / bamboo criss crossing everywhere! 🍅

:D but yeah greenhouse growth is different and I think worthy of a bit of space and care...

ok sorry for slight tangent but yes growing things!... and maybe myself with it!

@freeschool sounds neat, if a bit hard to picture! you should post some photos!

#Gardening #Tomato #Jungle 

@sabbatical pictures of what I mean growing a :

1st picture to see Tomato Height:
As high as a person + growing horizontally along inside of roof using light horizontal structure.

2nd picture to see light structure inside roof more clearly:
Using a few mini-metal brackets (like two L piece back to back with screw bolt) holding onto the metal frame inside, some wood tied to it / bamboo threaded to that - so Tomatoes can rest and grow through it (like a horizontal trellis) ...

2nd picture is shown without root/stem as it was already cut and end of season but shows the roof structure a bit more clearly.


#Gardening #Tomato #Jungle 

@freeschool neat! what part of the world are you in? did you build the greenhouse? have been thinking about doing one as part of a shed project

@sabbatical Eventually your house will gain a conciousness of it's own and it'll be way cooler than any smart home tech will ever be!

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