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@jbwharris OK, i've found a "manivan" i'd actually be proud to drive though. 90s toyoaces are wild:

just reflecting on how when i was starting out in visual design, you either had to pay big bucks for software like photoshop or be OK with pirating (and know how/where to get it.)

the fact that today anyone can just use figma for free is such a win for reducing barriers. and this pattern seems to be repeating across domains:
dreamweaver → vs code
maya → blender
excel → sheets
and many more... i'm sure i'm missing some of the best examples. sure, there was some free-to-use software back in the day (props to GIMP et al), but it was generally sub-par or very niche.

not something to take for granted!

was looking up whether it's "mascarpone" or "marscapone" and there were at least TWO AI-generated articles on the first page of google trying to convince me those are actually two often confused but separate types of soft italian cheese!

my sister recommended me a book on cptsd, and was just able to read a good chunk of it on open library. forgot how cool their system is! (good book so far too:

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I never thought I'd see the day – a real Nintendo emulator on the iPhone.

Here I am, with my own ripped copy of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, playing my saved file from...21 years ago.

I was 15 when I last saved this 🥺

please sir, do you have any old memes or tweets saved you could spare? [dickensian puppy dog eyes]

home depot parking lot. two 4x4 pickups with the same bed size. which way western man?

TBT to when the very idea of ONLY A SINGLE MAPLE LEAF on the canadian flag was a front page shocker. (found this newspaper from 1964 stuffed in our old chimney flue)

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One of the weirdest modern things to me is this obsession with generations. Maybe I haven't read the right stuff, but you pick up a 19th or 18th century book and they talk about the past, or conflict I families, but never this weird cohort-antagonism thing?

Could be it's random culture shit, but maybe it's because people have fewer kids, so they don't span generations? Or maybe tech acceleration means cohorts have more differences that are real?

ooo, roli is bringing back the seaboard block in july! tempted to finally lay out the bucks for one.

shocked how wide a selection of audiobooks were just added as included with spotify premium. some i’ve been waiting for on libby for months!

but boy, the listening experience is no different than for music. no bookmarking whatsoever!

happy to report that since's big instance software updates, finally works! finally back using my favourite mastodon web client. still as nice as i remember from back when i was still on ye olde .social

thanks again for your work getting those updates done, @freemo! had a feeling it was some deprecation issue

winni’s been on my lap most of the day — irritatingly, i get up to move around every hour or so, but then she’s back!

blown away by the first neuralink patient's gushing praise of how their tech is changing his life. had no idea they were this far along!

love that AI can take over all these tasks for me! annoying tasks like creating illustrations, making music, writing code, poetry and blog articles! really frees me up for the important stuff, like gruelling, repetitive paperwork

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