Ah, new unasked for software on old hardware...

I tried to buy gas. The Apple and Google pay services (which load even though I did not ask to use them) took so much computing power, that the gas pump crashed instead of letting me buy gas.

The whole gas station is down. Lol

@aparrish @selfsame i mean ur still using a tool to make an artwork just its a neural network instead of a drawing tablet

i mean, there's no putting the cat back in the bag but at least good to think about how imagery on demand will change creative labor

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Folks, please stop giving only relative format to publications date in your websites/apps, I hate having to deal repeatedly with the fact "5 years ago" actually means 2017 and not 2005 😫

Building online personae is performance art

“I’ve always viewed death as the ultimate return to nature”

Jensen Suther says Sebastian Rödl has another book coming.
It defends the claims made in “Self-Consciousness and Objectivity”.

“…very long, practically book-length elaboration of the arguments coming out in response to critics, via routledge, which treats this issue in great detail” -@jensensuther@twitter.com

We need to get Urs Schreiber and Sebastian Rödl to talk to each other. We need to teach category theory to big brained hegelians.

urs schreiber is the reincarnation of hegel

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