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I just started an #IPv6 compatibility database.
I have been working with IPv6 for about 15 years and I've always wanted to have such a database.
This way you can get a good estimate about how good IPv6 support is prior to buying or implementing solutions.
You helping to fill the database is very appreciated.

Index 2024 shows a slight decline for the latest year (2023), so when people say "it was better in the past", so long as they mean 2021 / 2022 and no earlier they are technically correct; of course we are still far better off than 2020 or earlier. Despite his blip, overall the world is still better than it used to be on almost any aspect you measure on needs, wellbeing, and opportunity. And is still one of the top 10 countries in the world. socialprogress.org/2024-social

@Tim_Eagon , and maybe . In the past I would have said , but that is now available; also has announced they will have an open licence soon.

Most of the good ones already have CC licence, e.g. forged in the dark, powered by the apocalypse, fate, gumshoe, d&d, etc. sgryphon.gamertheory.net/2022/

And of course what got me thinking about Ars again was today's announcement of the forthcoming Ars Magica Definitive Edition.

According to the announcement, the 5e sourcebooks will be fully compatible with the Definitive Edition -- which is also going to have an open license.

I'm beyond stoked for this one.


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adds out of the box support for creating network with level 2 constructs for dual stack VPC now merged. By default this will include IPv6 public networks, egress-only gateways for private networks (with end-to-end global addresses), and NAT64 routing for IPv6 only instances. When created as dual stack, automatic IPv4 public addresses are turned off to avoid costs as AWS will be charging for them from 01 Feb. I hope the new standard becomes dual stack, to avoid those costs, and start having IPv6 as the default. github.com/aws/aws-cdk/pull/28

Just wrote a script to send () commands to a Python Matter Server, trying to test if the Binding (0x001E) function on my in-line switch works, it didn't :-( github.com/sgryphon/iot-demo-b

@molly0xfff copyright protects copying, it does not protect training. I can not copy works of art from others, but I can learn from their techniques, being inspired by them, etc. Otherwise no one who has ever read a book would be allowed to write one, as the writing techniques they learned would be illegal.

@jane_cates there was a lot of crap masquerading as but the actual (multi team) systems like and are still going strong after 10-15 years, if you check their latest prices. But volatility is still too high, although probably no worse than some fiat currencies, and at least not controlled by a government.

We have a Motif SRD available to make your own Runs On Motif games and system-neutral Motif tools. Make anything from a simple Motif oracle for your game to an entire #TTRPG based upon it. Open license. PWYW. Check it out today! drivethrurpg.com/product/36140

@rivetgeek however using something like does make it easier for others to reuse your because they *can* copy your words

Happy so far with my new kitchen day & night clock (prototype). Hopefully makes it easier to understand time vs sun (best to install on a southern wall).

Everytime I see &utm_source=mastodon in a link, I'll click it to boost stats.

Today we successfully replaced 90% of our remaining #ipv4 nexthop routes with #ipv6 nexthop routes - routing IPv4 now almost everywhere VIA IPv6 as well. An early spring cleanup in our network.

@ike the Reserve Bank has an explicit inflation target. The use monetary policy to set the official cash rates, which influences commercial lending rates, which indirectly affects the economy and prices, to achieve the inflation they want.

You can read the official government details here: rba.gov.au/inflation/inflation

Effectively, if inflation is high, they raise the rate to dampen the economy; and if inflation is too low (e.g. below 2%), they lower the rate to stimulate the economy. I don't think it is very effective, nor like the degree of government , interference in the market, but it is what it is.

The government does not directly dictate prices, but they do manipulate markets so the overall average inflation is 2-3%.

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