Rented a while interstate for the weekend -- worked out cheaper than a similar petrol vehicle as charging was free; to compare you would need to add the cost of petrol to the vehicle rental.

: ? Yes (manage by stages). ? Not necessarily. Waterfall ? No, unless it is a small, single stage, single work package project.

@edumerco @penpot I found simply using the UI widgets in black & white with a handwritten font style worked well enough to give a sketchy style. The lines were still straight, but the simple change in font gave the right feel.

I found when my son suggested I used instead of . Mermaid doesn't do deployment diagrams and C4 is experimental but it led me to discover C4-PlantUML and Azure-PlantUML

I'm very happy I just discovered . Lightweight architecture diagrams (less than ) but still with defined meanings (and labels) for the boxes and lines.

I decided to accept its limitations and to fully move to for now.

N95S32B -iot review, with all the good (and not-so-good) features of this deployment-ready weather-resistant device for NB-IoT LPWAN networks (such as )

Public offerings are now free! With the cost of IPv4 now over USD 50, going to -only makes commercial sense. Note this is not MS being generous; IPv6 addresses are essentially free -- I calculated a cost of 1/4000th of 1 US cent for my entire home allocation (256 subnets of 16 quadrilllion addresses each)

Microsoft announcement:

I just published a new blog article on scripted deployment of a secure server to with support, using certificates, on the blog:

Gamer family. When your son says he's going to the D&D masquerade ball at uni, and then your daughter pops in and says "Dad, I need a Player's Handbook", and your wife is asking when the next game is...

I've finished off my blog post series on with , on the blog, and how OTel is now built into the core of .NET. It includes a brief nod to Azure Hub now having built in support for Trace Context.

Here is part 2 -

The full code is also up on Github:

Yay! I passed the renewal for my Speciality. The content was mostly about the new features, which is the area I work in at , so it was not too hard (provided you know the material :-)

Anyone else in the fediverse who works on civic/advocacy tech? If so, I'd love to follow you.

(and if that's not you, feel free to boost so the message finds people who are)

Looking for an update/replacement of an old version of Balsamiq for wireframe design and just came across @penpot which looks really promising, although I'd really like a sketchy / hand drawn style for lo-fi designs.

@anarchotaoist ... or it costs you nothing if you are using solar power to charge your electric vehicle.

@anarchotaoist if this is for Australia, the calculations are a bit out of date. Fuel excise is usually 44.2c per L (making he example for a $1/L price). However currently it is reduced for 6 months to 22.1c per L, and prices are around $2/L.

At $2/L your $100 goes ~$33 in income tax (depending on your bracket), $6.03 in GST, and $7.40 in fuel excise... total $46.43 in tax.

@Casinoslcohol what city / location are you in. Many places have local groups. You can also play online.

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