mantle for follower, based on 4E drawing; planning to wear for D&D in a Castle.

Spent the day in a camp at today. Lots of crowds, although I think they capped the numbers at 10,000 (& sold out).

Thank you not . It is fair enough to have systems that don't support yet, but to actively break/fail to work when IPv6 is enabled is pretty bad. Ignore IPv6, sure, but to have your IPv4 systems stop working simply when IPv6 is enabled doesn't really allow any kind of migration path.

Watching Dami Im at the Brisbane Eurovision preview party. I still don't understand why Australia is part of Eurovision :-)

Using an only mobile network and want to connect to ? Not a problem if you have a carrier like (Australia) that supports , as in my recent blog article using the

I got TeslaMate ( up and running via docker, so I can start collecting some data from my new car, and just did my first trip (to the shops at lunch).

Just a simple docker compose deploy, with PostgreSQL for the database, Grafana for the reporting, and Mosquitto (MQTT) for integration.

It runs on my own local server (QNAP NAS), but could be your own server in the cloud (you would need to add a secure proxy in front for access), and calls the Tesla API for realtime data.

Reading the old Player's Guide to Dragonlance as prep for when my wife runs the new campaign, and laughed when I came across this text on p105 describing the gods of magic and why Nuitari sounded so frightening: "The dark-haired child of Evil suffered from a throat impairment, which made him speak in hoarse whispers."

Yay! I passed the renewal for my Speciality. The content was mostly about the new features, which is the area I work in at , so it was not too hard (provided you know the material :-)

Excited to be seeing Penn & Teller here in Australia tonight.

Watching an old movie at the Netherworld two bit movie club

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