Yay! I passed the renewal for my Speciality. The content was mostly about the new features, which is the area I work in at , so it was not too hard (provided you know the material :-)

Excited to be seeing Penn & Teller here in Australia tonight.

Watching an old movie at the Netherworld two bit movie club

Just received a parcel via post office. Lucky it had an official receipt, from the Thieves' Guild.

Marruth, Quith-Pa, and Elven Bread from the Heroes' Feast cookbook for the last session of our Curse of campaign.

At Dracula, Queensland Ballet. Lots of people dressed up. (I just have my Vladimir bat shirt on.)

Descent into the dungeon; new boardgame my wife got; playing with her and daughter.

Birthday haul / including Mythic Odysseys of Theros. Also Prometheus Award winning book from L. Neil Smith

Our old doormat (lord of the rings theme) was getting a bit worn, so my dear wife bought a new one

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