N95S32B -iot review, with all the good (and not-so-good) features of this deployment-ready weather-resistant device for NB-IoT LPWAN networks (such as ) purple.telstra.com/blog/nb-iot

I just published a new blog article on scripted deployment of a secure server to with support, using certificates, on the blog: purple.telstra.com/blog/deploy

I've finished off my blog post series on with , on the blog, and how OTel is now built into the core of .NET. It includes a brief nod to Azure Hub now having built in support for Trace Context.

Here is part 2 - purple.telstra.com/blog/instru

The full code is also up on Github: github.com/sgryphon/dotnet-dis

Yay! I passed the renewal for my Speciality. The content was mostly about the new features, which is the area I work in at , so it was not too hard (provided you know the material :-)

Haroon, a colleague at has recently write a short blog piece on the convergence of the physical and digital worlds, through and - in other words, the metaverse: purple.telstra.com/blog/conver

Nice. Espressif now have a dual-band (5GHz) Wi-Fi 6 system, although not sure what you would do with all that speed on an device. espressif.com/en/news/ESP32-C5

One thing I do at for customers is . I have written about infrastructure-as-code, comparing Azure CLI vs PowerShell vs ARM vs Bicep sgryphon.gamertheory.net/2021/ for resource deployment.

Ever wanted to connect your tabletop RPG dice to the Internet of Things ? The Pixels dice project is trying to do just that gamewithpixels.com/ -- and it is

Edge solution for water level monitoring: rather than sensors that can be swept away by floods, smart IoT cameras can see the water level in this case study telstra.com.au/business-enterp

Still enjoying developer life at (12 years! this week), I've just moved to the Portfolio. Will be posting about some of the great things they are involved with, like airspeeder.com/

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