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The Libertarian non-aggression principle & the Wiccan Rede 'An it harm none do what ye will' are parallels. Both emphasize individual freedom without harm to others. So let's all strive to be kind and responsible individuals, while enjoying the freedom to live our lives to the fullest!. "

has confirmed that is in production for a live-action TV show (as well as a documentary). Looking forward to something that will hopefully be drama (and not comedy)

Screenshot of outline of today’s announcements — Honor Among Thieves (trailer), A Little D&D Tune, Meet the Legendary Beasts, More Movie Magic, The World of Drizzt, Virtual D&D Adventure, Monster Minis Unleashed, Documenting 50 years of Fun, Mysteries of the Multiverse #DnDDirect

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Using an only mobile network and want to connect to ? Not a problem if you have a carrier like (Australia) that supports , as in my recent blog article using the

@ketan Percentage change is a bit misleading of a metric. If a denier had 1 follower, and now 5, that's a 400% increase ... but Greta has 6 million followers (and PeterDClack is saying it is suspended), so a 10% increase for her is 600,000, and completely overwhelms those 4 extra deniers.

Looking forward to tonight's talk at Sydney Alt .NET.

I think it'll be super interesting and something I can probably get my teams thinking about to make their life easier.

See you on Twitch soon!


If as a #libertarian you like to explain to people that you're "not on the left or the right," but then you harp relentlessly about the excesses of #wokeism while shrugging and remaining largely silent about DeSantis's culture war or attacks on drag shows, consider that you are in fact not nonpartisan at all, but in fact very much on the conservative right.

Think about all those blacksmiths that spent years honing their craft, and then nobody wanted horseshoes any more.

The crux is we can now do is a few days what took a month. In my mind that means 25 extra days of leisure.

I want the Star Trek world where computers can do everything, and no one has to work unless they want to.

New: The Roundup - episode 11

This week's #fediverse news gathered into an easy overview. Some standout ones:

📸PixelFed is working an on Instagram Import feature
📖Bookwyrm is used to maintain a list of all banned books in US public schools
🛠️Automattic is considering making their newly aqcuired ActivityPug plugin for WordPress into a Canonical Plugin


Read it all at:

@seedling ChatGPT can do similar, but it does not use fixed random tables, so the result could be anything. E.g.
Please generate 4 random NPCs for a fantasy world, with a random names, two values, a distinctive physical trait, and a distinctive item or equipment.

Format the results as "[name] values X and Y. They [distinctive characteristic], who [distinctive item].
Sure, here are four random NPCs for a fantasy world:

Garrick Stonefist values loyalty and strength. He has a thick beard and a scar over his left eye. Garrick wields a massive warhammer that he inherited from his grandfather, which he affectionately calls "Old Ironfist."

Lyra Moonglade values wisdom and independence. She has bright green eyes and a crescent moon tattoo on her forehead. Lyra possesses a magical...

Seems a bit weird requiring a minimum number of writers; @neilhimself, I know some of your books were collaborations, but what if you wanted to write a book just by yourself (single author), but weren't allowed to! I guess you could always self publish these days.

@gamingonlinux but does Steam work with IPv6 yet? Last I tried, it had hard coded dotted quads that break NAT64. I don't need them to support IPv6 themselves, just not break when I am using it.

@witchescauldron decentralisation is not a challenge; it is a benefit. Email does fine without it; websites do fine without it. So did older protocols like news or IRC.

Please please PLEASE make DNS records for your services. You can't just put a dotted quad in your HTML, .pls file, or really anything anymore and expect it to work everywhere. It's bad enough that your service is legacy-only, but absent a DNS entry, I can't reach your service from my NAT64/DNS64 network without manual intervention. Don't assume I'm running CLAT or in any way have a working AF_INET socket.

This plea brought to you in frustration trying to listen to Radio Free Fedi. I'm not tagging them in this post because it appears they're using a third-party streaming provider who really should know better.


Anyone have an interesting blog that uses the WordPress ActivityPub plugin?

If so, please leave a link/handle as a reply to this post.

(And even if you don't, please forward this thread on so it can reach people who do.)

#WordPress #WebDev #Fediverse #Automattic @pfefferle #Mastodon

Does anyone know someone in Sydney who wants to be a Deputy CIO?

It is a good role for someone who would like to be a CIO one day or for someone who is toward end of their career who wants to give back.

Please DM me. And please RT.

The @EclipseFdn is trying out @matrix as a chat service:

Your chance to take a look, try it out, and provide some feedback!

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