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Weekly update is up! The ABC Data Mosaic Powered by Have I Been Pwned; The .zip TLD and Phishing; The Massive Luxottica Data Breach

My thoughts on " and : Addressing an incongruity", and why is , which can be just a click of a button (although a good photograph may involve a lot more), protected by copyright, when AI generated art is not? Maybe it is just time to re-evaluate, stop allowing large corporations to profit from increasingly restrictive copyright and get rid of it altogether, moving towards , with technology providing solutions through patronage and crowdfunding. That way we can head towards a future where creativity, irrespective of its source -- be it human or AI -- is celebrated instead of being stifled.

Thank you not . It is fair enough to have systems that don't support yet, but to actively break/fail to work when IPv6 is enabled is pretty bad. Ignore IPv6, sure, but to have your IPv4 systems stop working simply when IPv6 is enabled doesn't really allow any kind of migration path.

THE COURT OF THE TYRANT AT TOUR TORIEL is finally released, out in the wild, and most importantly off my desk!

This is the fourth installment of the Ascent to Prime campaign I've been developing which teaches new players how to play (and run) Cortex Prime games.

It's really cool, if I do say so myself.

Devlog here:

#KeystoneFantasy #CortexPrime #TTRPG #rpgArt

When I interview people, I'll often ask if there's any interesting dev related topics that have caught their eye.

These days I'm adding "... and you can't answer 'ChatGPT' or 'AI'". is counting 3.000 installations of the #ActivityPub Plugin so far 🎉

So, vs . Looks to be ending up the same as Azure vs . If you already have the template, and deploy it once, it is good. But developing CLI scripts is quicker (debug one step at a time, rather than all at once). And templates run into the same dead ends: e.g. decides it needs to recreate the entire subnet, so it attempts to, but runs into an IP address conflict with the existing one, and the whole thing stops. There are things/changes that declarative approaches just can't do, and you need to use migrations (CLI scripts).

Since I'm not really participating in Twitter, I wanted to bring something that was started over there here. Cam Banks ( @RustySellsword ) has been one of the most gracious and kind people in the #TTRPG industry that I have ever spoken with. He encouraged me when I first started looking at rebooting Tribe 8. He took out the time to speak to me, as well as the business manager at DP9. I don't think I would have continued my effort if it hadn't been for him.

Watching Dami Im at the Brisbane Eurovision preview party. I still don't understand why Australia is part of Eurovision :-)

Delve into and and it's impact on our future with my latest article, "AI is taking our jobs: Yes, that is the objective"! I discuss the potential benefits of AI-driven productivity, its impact on society, implementation of a , and how it relates to 's vision of a better future.

So another good thing out of the snafu: the system from @Chaosium has been released under the instead of the crappy limited licence they previously had (that prevented mixing the with public domain sources like Arthurian myth or Cthulhu). Not as good as , and unnecessary, but still better than before

Weekly update is up! When is Next Friday; Garage Progress; More Ubiquiti & More IoT; Genesis Market and “Operation Cookie Monster"

The Libertarian non-aggression principle & the Wiccan Rede 'An it harm none do what ye will' are parallels. Both emphasize individual freedom without harm to others. So let's all strive to be kind and responsible individuals, while enjoying the freedom to live our lives to the fullest!. "

has confirmed that is in production for a live-action TV show (as well as a documentary). Looking forward to something that will hopefully be drama (and not comedy)

Screenshot of outline of today’s announcements — Honor Among Thieves (trailer), A Little D&D Tune, Meet the Legendary Beasts, More Movie Magic, The World of Drizzt, Virtual D&D Adventure, Monster Minis Unleashed, Documenting 50 years of Fun, Mysteries of the Multiverse #DnDDirect

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Using an only mobile network and want to connect to ? Not a problem if you have a carrier like (Australia) that supports , as in my recent blog article using the

Looking forward to tonight's talk at Sydney Alt .NET.

I think it'll be super interesting and something I can probably get my teams thinking about to make their life easier.

See you on Twitch soon!


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