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Well, that was a terrifying school pickup.

A dude was parked (again) in a no stopping zone right where parents need to pass on the small road next to my kids' school. I asked him (again) to not park there as it's dangerous.

He screams "It's none of your business". So I said "it is, but we'll let the council decide". So I took a photo of his car in front of the no stopping sign with his number plate on view. He screams at me to "fucking come here or I'll fucking kill you". So I rode off 1/2

@kevinrothrock Sad, but their role will be filled by the long-range guided missiles we've held back from Ukraine but are now sending. Very accurate, difficult to shoot down, and pack a two stage explosive that will penetrate thick concrete or armor. These are also impossible to spoof. They have no self-destruct function and accept no commands once fired.

@MarkHoltom This is also true in the United States. The problem Republicans have with this is the white majority is shrinking and immigrants are usually not white. All the turmoil you see in major U.S. politics flows from this "problem".

@sortius But those are mental health problems. A few months of proper care in a secured hospital would go a long way. But we're not allowed to do that anymore because "he was just expressing his feelings".

@sortius Yet another person who needs mental health care. That's not sane behavior, safe to be out in public. But we don't deal with people like that anymore. We pretend it's not a problem until they do something terrible, then we send them to prison. At no point do they receive mental health care.

Please Reblog to get this to those who can use it.... Teens and young adults ages 13 to 26 living anywhere in the U.S. can access the entire collection of e-books and audiobooks from the Seattle Public Library. "We believe in your right to read what you want, discover yourself and form your own opinions." Fill out the form to get a Books Unbanned card.

Oh no! Look at all these Old Montréal businesses not generating any profit because of the streets being closed for cars. Utterly devastating move by the city to prevent people from accessing these businesses by having nowhere to park. How dare they doom the economy like this?

#urbanplanning #montreal #cities #fuckcars It's very simple. One is protected by the Constitution. There other is not.

Until the Constitution is amended, the craziness will continue.

We just joined Mastodon, please follow us. Still more posts to come soon.

The year is 2021. Joe Biden is president. You earn 410,000 dollars. 10,000 of them are taxed higher than the other 400,000. Your fist clenches. The communists have won.

They should put this on Twitter’s gravestone in the social media cemetery

It’s pretty simple: if unions weren’t good for workers, bosses and billionaires wouldn’t try so hard to stop them.

@GatekeepKen @jacobtlevy I understand that the judge has asked the same question but hasn't disclosed the answer.

@breadandcircuses It's too much to ask when those with the opposite agenda hold most of the political power and control government decision-making.

Starting in the 1950s, cities like Los Angeles were remade in the image desired by the oil companies. It's difficult to undo all of that when it's being actively resisted by entities more powerful than us.

@therobburgessshow Conservative business practices are passé. Short-term profit is what matters today.

Pues playa es muy bonita y el día está bien soleado pero... no sé... por alguna razón se me quitaron las ganas de nadar...

@threatresearch @micahflee Well, 11 years ago Facebook said they never actually delete anything, ever. I would imagine Twitter is the same. When you delete stuff it's simply hidden, never deleted.

@azzageddi @axios But Florida is full of retirees. Where will they find enough children to fill the jobs?

Actually, DeSantis doesn't care if he trashes Florida. He's using his bully pulpit to launch a presidential campaign at the expense of Florida and its citizens.

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