It has been six months since I lost . I had subscription for chew bones for him, I forgot to cancel it when he passed and does not like to play with them. I received a shipment today, and I gave them to the new neighbors across the street for their dogs. It made me sadder than I would have expected. I miss my pupper.

decided to take a small ouchie and chew on it until it became a legit wound. I spent most of the night cleaning it up and keeping him from making it worse.

For his efforts, today he will receive THE CONE OF SHAME!!! (to be read in a booming, echoing voice.)

The first picture is this is AI art created from the following prompt:
"A Happy Boston Terrier laying on a tile floor with a green squeaky toy in the shape of a bone in front of him."
The second picture is the picture of the late, great that I was describing.

Just had something cool happen... was barking at the window (nothing new), and I did not give it any thought. A few moments later someone rings the doorbell. I check the camera and it is the mail man. So I open the door and he says "I don't have a package for you or anything, but I saw your at the window - can I give him a treat?" Of course I said yes and he give Rufus the treat and some scratches and off he went! I should have taken a picture but I was too caught off guard to think about it in the moment.

This is not my regular mail man, but I hope he keeps the route!

I got up for work two hours ago & has yet to join me in the office. I legit had to go make sure he was still breathing. He is knocked the F#@k out.

vs Bone
It was a long protracted battle, but in the end the bone wore him down.

SO I've Fed and then I go to make something to eat for myself. Normally when I give him food when it is done I say "No more" and he understands feeding time is over. However tonight he got baked chicken breasts for diner. When he's done I say "no more" and he gave me a face that clearly said "You'll forgive me if I don't believe you and have a look around for myself!"

MILESTONE!!! I went out to dinner and when I came back home this stinker WAS ON THE COUCH! He has not been able to get on the furniture in months! This is excellent progress!!!

There are people working next door, my neighbor across the street is moving out, and I have had several deliveries today and it is absolutely KILLING that none of these people are here to play with him.

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