1st Playthrough - Learn the game and thoroughly enjoy the story and visuals.
2nd Playthrough: - Look for things you missed in the first playthrough, make alternate choices to see where the story leads you.
3rd Playthrough - Give in to your intrusive thoughts and make wildly different decisions resulting in an enjoyable and slightly traumatizing play through.
4th Playthrough - Durge
5th playthrough - SCHORCHED EARTH!

It's been far too long that I have gone without. I need to correct this egregious situation.
I need Fuzzy Slippers.

I got a giant sub, a coffee, and a cookie. Drank the coffee. Now I'm full. 😡

George Santos was from today, which is great. He is only the 6th member to ever be expelled. However I think that it is important to point out that more than HALF of wanted to keep in in office. There is a laundry list of reasons he was expelled - including but not limited to:
Campaign finance violations:
- Misrepresenting his financial background: Santos fabricated extensive details about his education, employment history, and wealth.
- Misusing campaign funds: He allegedly used campaign funds for personal expenses such as rent, travel, and dining.
- Concealing the source of donations: He received large donations from unknown sources and failed to properly disclose them on campaign finance reports.
Ethics violations:
- Making false statements to Congress: He lied about his personal and professional life under oath to the House Ethics Committee.
- Abusing his position: He used his office for personal gain and engaged in improper financial transactions.
- Bringing discredit upon the House: His actions caused significant damage to the reputation of the House of Representatives.
Criminal charges:
- Wire fraud and money laundering: He was indicted by the Department of Justice on 23 counts of wire fraud, money laundering, and campaign finance violations.
Loss of public trust:
His repeated lies and unethical behavior eroded public trust in his ability to serve as a representative.
With all this (and more) 112 republicans voted to KEEP HIM IN OFFICE. How can the be taken seriously when more than half of them back someone like this.

The Marvels is delightful, you should absolutely go see it.

More seriously: do not let this one bomb, folks. This is a Marvel feature with three female headliners, two of them women of color, directed by a woman of color, written by three women. If this does poorly (or even not spectacularly enough), it will be taken as evidence that women shouldn't feature prominently in blockbusters.

Let's prove them wrong.

(And also everybody is fucking glorious in this, it's just super fun.)


I just want a that is afraid to walk out in front of a moving car... Is that too much to ask???

@SilentJoy People are always too quick with the Super Bowl talk. Then they get bitter if it doesn't work out. I'll save the Super Bowl thoughts for was we are 12-1.

It's been an exciting first half... too exciting for my tastes. Let go ! 🐬🐬🐬

That moment when you are taking a shower and the drain clogs and the water backs up and gets cloudy from soap and shampoo and "something touches your foot"...


l woke up this morning In A panic because my alarm did not go off. Made it all the way to my desk before realizing I was off today (I work from home). So I cranked the ac down to 74 and went back to bed. Was asleep for most of the day, breaking only to let my dog Rufus out when he needed it. It was GLORIOUS.

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