is my favorite of the Series' (Though Season 3 is giving it a run for its money, and of course I have a special place in my heart for ). But I find this image pretty accurate.

Another GREAT episode of ! One of my favorite characters pop'd up that I was not expecting and I LOVED it. The story intrigue only increases in the episode. This season is killing it!

Out of Context Spoiler for Star Trek Picard 

Oh Man! S03E04 of may very well be one of my all time favorite episodes of . It is everything Star Trek should be! Also I would not mind a show about the adventures of the USS


Man! Today's episode of was PACKED! I loved seeing all of those ships, even if the conditions were less than ideal.

I did not expect to like , but at this point I am starting to think this could have easily been a live action series! I am really enjoying it!

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