I do love me a Jedi who goes right to the edge of the fall and pulls themselves back.

This has been my experience with Star Wars: Jedi Survivor (PC). SPOILER ALERT - It has not been great...


I gotta say.... I did not love of . I can't put my finger on exactly why, but it just felt so cheesy.

I asked ChapGPT to write a tragic story about a retired . I was not disappointed. 😂

Once a powerful Sith Lord, Darth Vader had retired from his life of violence and oppression. However, years of indulgence and a lack of physical activity had taken their toll on his once-imposing form. Vader had grown overweight and out of shape, and he could no longer fit into his iconic suit.

To cope with his regrets and loneliness, Vader had turned to alcohol, becoming a heavy drinker. His once-fearsome presence was now that of a slovenly, bloated figure. He spent his days lounging in his palace on Mustafar, surrounded by empty bottles and takeout containers.

Vader's descent into drunkenness had also made him a terrible person. He was prone to outbursts of anger and had little regard for the feelings of those around him. He would often belittle and berate his loyal stormtroopers, and he had long since lost any shred of the compassion and morality he had once possessed.

To make matters worse, Vader had developed a troubling flatulence problem. He would often release noxious gas at inappropriate times, leaving those around him gagging and trying to flee the stench.

Despite his fall from grace, Vader could not bring himself to care about his deteriorating health and relationships. He was consumed by self-pity and a longing for the power and respect he had once commanded.

As he lay dying alone in his palace, his only companions being his bottle and his flatulence, Vader realized too late the true cost of his actions and choices. His legacy was one of destruction and misery, and he was remembered as a monster rather than a hero.

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