@zlax Hi @sptnkmmnt since this accusation was public and about you I'd like to hear your feedback as well. Since I dont speak russian it is hard for me to investigate the accusation but what little translating I did I couldnt find anything in your recent post about SEO.

@freemo @zlax this guy, zlax, kinda odd. Several months ago (springtime) he bulled me with some tricky questions, marked me as "CEO" (literally, this word transformed in "SEO" only few posts later). Then he began to threaten me to unsubscribe him, 'cause he "can't do this first to me". He commited any my new record on mastodon.social, literally, interrupted in any disscussion with anyone to tell everyone somethings about me as a SEO and what he thinks about me.

So I warned him - "if u dont's stop - I mute u".

He didn't. I mute him from my mastodon.social acc and here too.

Now he is trying to.... hell I dunno what he is trying to, its autumn, maybe its time to dig up some old stuff ^))))


Thank you for your response. I'll do some digging around and see if we have any questions. But just to ask you straight out, is your purpose on QOTO commercial, advertising, or SEO? In other words, how do you use QOTO and what brings you here?

@Surasanji @arteteco @zlax

@freemo @Surasanji @arteteco @zlax im using it to have connection with my friends in fediverse.

Im writing texts for money, yes. In instagram and Zen.yandex.ru (russian longread blogging platform).

If i wrote something intresting to my fellaz here - I just post it here.

This spring I did crosspost from my personal instagram to mastodon.social acc. Zlax blame me in SEO. I made a quiz with my fellows - they asked me to post entirely in masto. So I searched for mastodon instance with 2200+ more letters limit per post.

And so I am here.

I do not do any commercial stuff here. Do not plan to do.

And, to be absolutely clear - i'm a communist for my political pref.

If thats ok - i'll be glad to stay here.

If not - I'll move out as soon as it possible.

Sorry for worring ^)


As far as I'm concerned that is a perfectly acceptable answer. We do not hold politicial preferences against our members and occasionally resharing your blog is perfectly fine. As long as you are active here, stay in touch with some people (doesnt have to be everyone), and are respectful I have no objections.

I'll see if any of my other moderators have anything to add but for the moment, from me, I see no issues here.

@Surasanji @arteteco @zlax

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