@zlax @arteteco

just in case:

"share him my request"
I knew about your demands. After billion times you did it from different accounts you've opened especially to connect me, after tonns of spam - I understood your demand correctly.

There is no need to ask someone else to share it again, do not involve in this situation more people than it already has.

And after all that, after threats to keep pursuiting me in replys until I'm gave up and do what you demand me to do, I say - this is not gonna happen. I'm telling you this again and last time.

I will not collaborate with a person who do not respect any others rights at all and keeping to manipulate moderators to get me again. I will not do anything, which that person ever asks. I won't explain this again to you.

All your problems you will resolve by yourself without my involving into this. I don't care how.

2 @arteteco @freemo and @Surasanji

I feel myself kinda guilty. It looks like I involved you into this situation. Hope you will understand me - I didn't want you to get involved at all. But this guy migrate after my records and replys, looking for someone who he can complain about me to ruin my reputation. He thinks that this will forse me to do what he wants. Usually I'm chatting with my frends - all of them already knew Zlax and understand what he is doing and why. And then he came after @freemo and so it starts again.

This situation is absurd, but thats it is. I'm sorry for that.

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