They overturned the mandate block. (so you are once again compelled to get vaccinated by our dictator.)
People are going to get lined up against walls, it's up to us to determine who those people are.

So the Court says I don't need to get a .
I haven't gotten an email from the legal department saying that's the case though (on the other hand they're dog slow.)

Apparently lied about the number of deaths in their trials:

They already pushed the deadline back by a month at my company. Maybe if I handle it like everything else (just ignore it) then it will go away.

Wow. It sounds like Newsom (CA governor) has a serious injury.
But of course people in their 20s who are likely better off without the vaccine are still going to be threatened into taking it with joblessness.

Our country was started over people not wanting to pay high taxes for tea.

They asked us this week if we'd quit over the
Here's my answer: I'll throw all my Goddamned Ikia furniture in the dumpster and sail south under the bonnie stars and bars if it comes to that.

Reminder: OSHA still hasn't issued a and it's likely they never will.

If you're forced to take the vaccine by your employer you should seek legal advice because they could be breaking the law.

These mandates will mean widespread fraud because of how difficult it is to authenticate.
Now we won't know who has actually taken it and who is lying because they don't want to starve.

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