I'm moving my account to my own instance. I'll try doing the proper account migration procedure, but I'm not sure I can trust this to work completely smoothly, so I'm leaving this post as a more manual redirect. The new account is @timorl.

Thanks @freemo for your hospitality!

My instance will most likely stay very small, but if anyone wanted to join me there just DM me or something.

federation bugs(?) 

Tried out honk, was cool but not quite what I wanted, replaced it with Akkoma under the same address. After I followed this account from the one on Akkoma I did not get a notification about a new follower here (kinda makes sense, it's sorta the same account, at least as far as ID goes) but I **did** get a notification there about this account following back. This also makes sense if you squint, but sure. xd

test toot 

@robryk I don't think honk supports that.

@timorl Clearly the DZ is necessary and remains there... strange.

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Trying to make a goose angry.

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it's so hard to do humor nowadays, everyone always gets offended... that's why i only make fun of cis white men, whose thick skin and rational attitude makes them impossible to upset

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BREAKING: New studies indicate that the concepts of "alpha" and "beta" software are outdated myths based on observations of software performance in captivity, and does not reflect actual stability in production.

daily AoC (axiom of choice), day 5 

@uxor *Kuratowski sitting annoyed in the corner.* @Vierkantor

@modulux I remember there was 1 (literally one) marxist in the comment sections, and I believe they got banned eventually – the banning itself might have been justified, I don't know –which pretty much confirms your point.

Eh, I definitely should eventually write down my anti-capitalist interpretation/review of "Inadequate Equilibria", maybe that would help a bit...

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this is the most succinct response I've ever seen to the comment "but Android is Linux!!"

Huh, Scott Alexander is apparently clearly right-wing now. This has been brewing for a while, but I thought it would take longer. I wonder how long will it be still worthwhile to keep reading him.

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The hellhound (or "hound of hell") is typically depicted as a canine with a fire-and-brimstone motif, tasked with chasing down damned souls.

Though usually lacking humanoid vocal cords or opposable thumbs, they are usually depicted as sapient & capable of understanding language.

They would therefore be more than capable of casting spells, assuming the spell has few or no verbal components or fine detail work.

Assuming said spell requires glyphs or runes, a hellhound would be unable to use a pen, but could scratch them out in, say, a damp beach.

Therefore, under the correct circumstances, yes, a hot dog is a sand witch.

@8petros Unfortunately, I don’t have the whole thing written down or even fully thought through, if I had I would have at least linked it. :<

The line of reasoning I would start with would go something like: The mere existence of people is not inherently valuable (this is what I was referring to as “anthropics”, which is not quite correct, but I tend to think of it as a moral equivalent of the epistemological problem), so there is no moral incentive to produce more of them a priori. This already puts into question whether the future will contain that many more people as longtermists claim is likely or desired (depending on the specific subschool of thought). From there I would also examine assumptions of how much we actually should be deciding for potential people – while I see we might have some obligations towards future generations, assuming too much risks impeding on their autonomy, which is also problematic.

Eh, there would likely be more, but even what I have already written contains so many philosophical holes that I get anxious re-reading it. If I ever get a week free I might end up writing down a semi-rigorous version of this argument. Actually, probably a couple weeks, since I have higher priority things to do… bleh.

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I have now seen "snowfriends" used as a gender neutral equivalent of "snowmen," and it's delightful

@2ck It was only protected by a Supreme Court ruling, and it was explicitly mentioned in the recent abortion-related opinion from there that many related protections (most related being same-sex marriage) might be overturned as well.

The opinion didn't mention interracial marriage, but likely mostly because the judge who wrote it is in an interracial marriage himself. :P The reasoning mostly applied to interracial marriage as well.

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Astronomers should have right to shoot down any SpaceX satellite that annoys them

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of course, some software is still exceptionally high quality, because there's always some people who can do amazing things despite the state of things, even if it's harder, but I don't think "efficient, quality-over-development speed, reliable software" will magically become a normal thing before capitalism stops pushing computer science towards mediocrity, which won't stop as long as capitalism exists, because mediocrity is just more profitable

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