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To be quite honest, I'm not trying that hard to get a . I'm not a shoe-in, so it's somewhat easy, but I could probably have a job right now if I tried harder.
A big reason why I don't is because I'm scared of . I don't remember a lot of what I learned.

I'm out of for about a year. I have degree. No jobs so far. Didn't get the highest GPA. No internships. But I think I still like . I did fairly well in my Data Science course (got a B, majority of grade was based on term project).
On a different note, I find it hard to focus on projects. I spend more time searching novel projects on than developing my own.
I have an interest in , but I feel like there's nothing left to do in that field. As I understand, the models are pretty much fixed, and it's more about acquiring data. I suppose that a PHD might be in the business of developing new models, or evolving existing models, but I'm not at that level, I have a bachelors degree.

old data pipeline, invoking python/scrapy and bash transformation commands. I had this idea to use NLP on Reddit headlines to find patterns.

It broke months ago, and I've been too lazy to fix it.

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