QOTO, least blocked, best connected

’'’QOTO is one of the least block and most federated server in the fediverse. I wanted to share some of the data we have to know thats the case.’’’

Recently I had a discussion with @olamundo  and @design_RG  RG about if QOTO is blocked by many others servers and how to figure out if it is a problem.

The first thing to keep in mind is the only way you will ever find a server that no one blocks is if the server is new and no one knows about it yet. That means your messages wont make it into the Federated Timeline. So we want a server that is both established, and has a minimal number of blocks.

While there is no way to get a list of all servers that block your server there are several ways you can measure how well connected your server is which is an indication of your servers reputation in the greater fediverse.

the first and most telling measure is the peer count. The peer count are the number of servers that are aware of your server and federates with it. In other words it is the number of servers where your posts will show in their federated timeline, meaning they dont block you and at least one of their users follows one of our users.

The QOTO peer count is ~9,200 give or take 100. You can find this information in the following two places (each approximately agreeing with the other):



We can see how that rates us compared to other servers in the fediverse by pulling up the full list of servers above and sorting by peers. we see that out of ~4000 server QOTO ranks 24th most peers

The other way we can check is with a different measure called ‘'’insularity’’’. What this measures is how often people actually communicate across server lines with 100% meaning all communication is internal between users on a single server. So the closer to 0% we are the more servers we have communication with.

QOTO has an insularity of 17.2% which again is listed at the above link. There is no good way to rank this value, but if you look at all the other popular servers you will quickly see we have one of the best insurality values as well beating out even M.S.


@freemo @olamundo @design_RG @QOTO I'm blocked everywhere it seems, for what I feel aren't even very controversial opinions.

I think the only people who federate with me are shitposters, free-speechers, center-to-hard leaning rights, canadians .. mewmew

It is nice and quiet on here, but it also means I'm in a fedi-echo chamber of sorts. Kinda defeats part of the point of the fedi.

Also, I miss cvcvcv


@djsumdog @freemo @olamundo @design_RG @QOTO
> it also means I'm in a fedi-echo chamber of sorts. Kinda defeats the point of the fedi.

I disagree. imo, the Fediverse is about user freedom. Your blockers *chose* to block you, and their instance's users entrusted their admins to block you. That's their freedom to do so.

People complain about a fractured Fediverse like its a problem, but that's how the real world works. I argue that this is a good and natural thing. Besides, people can explore and make alt accounts, something not possible with centralised birdsite.

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