Binge-watching Community because I'm sick... but watching Community makes me sick now because too much of a good thing is also sickening.

I'm bored and my nose's stuffed with paper towels. :P

@lucifargundam Just watched a few episodes on it. Oh man, that's a no limit cartoon, nice. But I'm kinda too tired to focus for very long on it atm since I'm totally clogged up. That's why I watched Community, it was somewhat comforting and lame to watch while sick. Though there's a limit, obviously!

@trinsec got any peppermint oil or tea. A nose bath will clear the sinuses.

@barefootstache I drink lots and lots of tea with lots and lots of acacia honey. At least that helps soothen my throat. A nose bath didn’t quite work out for me, but I’ll take a hot bath later today.

@trinsec you could try accu pressure. There are some points on the face that can be tapped to help.

My recipe: Put some fresh Eucalyptus leaves on hot water and inhale.

@mc I'm planning to take a hot bath soon with those inhalation balls (I believe those are eucalyptus). Going to spend a few hours in it.

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